Nice Cheng

Nice is a Partner focusing on growth-stage startups and seasoned founders. He is a pioneer in starting up in Internet himself, co-founding, the Netflix before Netflix, in 1999 and ran the company all the way to profitability — a very rare case during the dotcom boom. He served as Chief Strategy & Operating Officer at Yam, Taiwan’s then leading Internet portal, after it was acquired by Webs-TV. Nice serves as a Director of the Board at many Internet companies and is loved by many founders as a mentor. He graduated from Southeastern University but insists degrees are of no importance in the startup land.



台灣網路創業的先驅,於 1999 年創辦,是當年少數真正獲利的「達康」公司,也擔任過天空傳媒 Yam 策略長兼營運長,目前仍身兼多個網路公司的董事職位,是非常受創業者愛戴的網路創業導師。Nice 畢業於美國 Southeastern University,但是他說在網路創業的世界,學歷一點都不重要。

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