Andy Tsai

Andy is a Partner focusing on growth-stage investments and fund administration. He joined AppWorks in 2018 with over 10 years of experience in venture capital and financial analysis, driven by an uncanny passion for deciphering complex business models and formulating competitive strategies. Before becoming an AppWorks Partner in 2019, Andy served as Vice President of The CID Group for the better half of a decade, coupled with a brief stint as a Junior Manager in the China Development Industrial Bank, where he started his VC career. Andy received his Master in Finance from National Chengchi University and spends his free time exploring the world and refining his skiing skills.



負責投資與基金管理。帶著超過 10 年創投經驗,於 2018 年加入 AppWorks,2019 年升任合夥人。先前主要服務於 CID 華威國際、最高擔任至投資副總裁,熱愛和團隊一起思考營運模式與競爭策略的解謎活動,更早之前短暫就職於中華開發負責產業研究。政治大學財管碩士,嗜好是旅遊和滑雪。

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