AppWorks Demo Day #28 Showcases Startups Startups Transforming Enterprise through AI

Dramatic shifts in consumer behavior and social awareness have created demand for new categories of startups to address emerging consumer demands around social commerce, sustainability, and privacy.

TAIPEI, TAIWAN—June 12, 2024—AppWorks Accelerator, Greater Southeast Asia’s largest startup community, today held its 28th demo day (AW#28), unveiling 17 startups embracing AI to transform enterprise and commerce for a new era. The batch featured companies connecting social commerce with offline channel logistics, innovative payment solutions, and new applications for blockchain and AI—building tools and infrastructure for a more socially-connected, privacy-concerned, and digitally-conscious generation of businesses and consumers.

AppWorks Accelerator #28 (AW#28) demo day featured a total 16 teams on stage. As a batch, AW#28 hosted 38 innovative companies, with founders hailing from 17 different countries and regions, including Greater Southeast Asia, the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, the United States, France, Finland, and beyond. The batch featured several serial founders and 20% of participating startups were founded by female founders. The diverse geographic background of AW#28 illustrates the increasing globalization of tech entrepreneurship, as founders are building both global and hyperlocal solutions with AI to solve enterprise and commerce challenges around the world.

AW#28’s demo day featured the following companies:

  1. ADPList: A global mentorship platform to access knowledge from experts (Singapore)
  2. XO: AI-powered and blockchain-verified conversational platform for Gen Z (Taiwan)
  3. Borong: B2B bulk e-commerce platform (Malaysia)
  4. EQUO: A one-stop-shop omnichannel platform of curated, high-performance, quality products for the conscientious consumer (Vietnam)
  5. Orderfaz: Shopify for social commerce sellers (Indonesia)
  6. Event Horizon: DAO meta-governance layer (United States)
  7. Return Helper: End-to-end solution for cross border e-commerce returns (Hong Kong)
  8. ShipAny: Smart logistics gateway for e-commerce (Hong Kong)
  9. ABConvert: Specialized A/B testing tool for e-commerce (Taiwan)
  10. Ajourney: One-stop HR & payroll platform for businesses in Southeast Asia (Singapore)
  11. Quantlytica: AI-powered crypto asset management infrastructure (Finland)
  12. Olli: AI-powered operating system for toy manufacturers to turn toys into children’s personalized companion (United States)
  13. Qiro Finance: On-chain private credit protocol (Singapore)
  14. Exchequer Finance: Allows projects to self-insure token risk, incentivizing users with time premiums instead of tokens  (Singapore)
  15. Jomud: Digitized career consultation using AI for university (Hong Kong)
  16. Cheko: Bridging students with subject experts for homework assistance (Philippines)

Many startups today were formed during the disruptive years of the pandemic, building solutions to address a world emerging from disruption and permanent changes in consumer behavior.

ADPList was born out of the COVID era, founded by Felix Lee. Initially launched to provide support to people who lost their jobs during the pandemic by connecting job seekers with recruiters, ADPList accumulated 300,000 active members and 25,000 mentors from major companies like Netflix, Airbnb, Google, and others with over 60% retention rate, receiving backing from Peak XV Partners. Differing from existing options like LinkedIn, ADPList attracts users looking for life and career guidance and building meaningful connections with professional peers and mentors.

Another startup launched to address the loneliness prevalent during the pandemic is XO—an anonymous dating software that uses blockchain technology to protect privacy and improve account credibility, utilizing AI to facilitate greater interaction around topics of interest and build empathy. With strong traction, XO has received investment from Rakuten and has gained international traction among Gen Z users.

AW#28 featured many companies that are building solutions for social commerce and logistics in Southeast Asia, tapping into a large youthful demographic base and steady economic growth in the ~5% range for the foreseeable future.

Founded by Aizat Rahim, Malaysia-based Borong is leading the integration of B2B e-commerce channels in Southeast Asia, with a gross transaction volume of nearly US$1 billion in 2023. With backing from Y Combinator, Borong has achieved a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 162% and repeat purchase rate of over 75%, as the company seeks to create an omnichannel logistics ecosystem penetrating throughout Southeast Asia and beyond.

Indonesia-based Orderfaz is creating a Shopify-style experience for social commerce merchants, integrating and managing orders on major platforms like TikTok Shop, Shopee, and Lazada. Launched in 2023 to help merchants improve conversion rates and manage product inventory, Orderfaz is now generating over US$1 million in monthly revenue, with plans to expand to Malaysia. Founded by serial entrepreneur Reynaldi Gandawidjaja, Orderfaz has received backing from 1982 Ventures.

As more people become concerned with our impact on the environment, startups are creating solutions to promote sustainability and minimize carbon footprints. Vietnam’s EQUO develops 100% plastic-free straws, tableware, plates and drinkware, made of degradable and environmentally-friendly materials such as sugar cane, coconut, coffee and rice. Launched in 2020 by Marina Tran-Vu, EQUO has achieved an annual recurring revenue (ARR) of US$1.6 million and provides products to over 18 countries around the world.

“Over the past 14 years, from our humble roots in Taiwan, AppWorks has developed into a large regional startup network. With the addition of AW#28, we have now nurtured 563 active startups in 14 years. Among them, 30% have successfully raised Series A funding or beyond, and nearly 100 can be considered large enterprises with revenue exceeding US$6 million or have successfully completed IPOs/IEOs. Additionally, there are nearly 100 hidden champions that have achieved sustained profitability through bootstrapping,” said Jamie Lin, Chairman & Partner, AppWorks. “These diverse startups form a complete ecosystem, with large enterprises providing platforms and business opportunities, and hidden champions offering unique solutions. This allows the AW#28 cohort to quickly establish countless synergistic collaborations.”

Wistron Demo Day Continues to Showcase Startups Building for a Connected World

In partnership with AppWorks, Wistron Accelerator has been running since 2021 and has featured 24 teams so far, focusing on companies in AI, cloud, healthcare, information security, IoT, and other cutting-edge sectors. Wistron Accelerator allows startups to conduct Proof of Concepts within real-world scenarios in Wistron Group and together explore avenues of growth over the next decade.

Wistron Demo Day #6 Featured:

  1. Etiq AI: A predictive model software to identify data & model issues, and provide optimization recommendations (United Kingdom)

With the rollout of AI in enterprises around the world, many stakeholders remain skeptical on the accuracy and accountability of AI systems. Founded by experienced business and data science professionals, Etiq AI develops APIs designed to optimize AI decision-making models. By testing data quality and model performance, Etiq AI can detect errors flexibly and quickly, allowing data scientists to fully understand the data they deploy in their AI ​​models and reduce errors, helping business decision-makers gain a clearer understanding of the AI decision-making process to improve transparency, compliance, and accountability.

AppWorks: An Ever-Growing Startup Ecosystem

With the addition of AW#28, there are now a total of 563 active startups and 1,746 founders in the AppWorks Ecosystem. These companies collectively generate US$17.4 billion in revenue, employ 23,625 individuals, and have raised US$6 billion in funding with an aggregate valuation reaching US$33 billion.

AppWorks #29 and Wistron Accelerator #7 are currently recruiting for their cohorts, with applications closing on July 25, 2024, and will launch in September 2024, with startups building solutions for AIoT, smart manufacturing, and cloud-based services are encouraged to apply. AW#29 will offer founders the opportunity to participate in intensive exchange and learning activities in Taiwan and Southeast Asia to learn from entrepreneurs throughout the region. These include exchanges with fellow founders, office hours with mentors and AppWorks partners and Wistron senior leadership, demo days with investors from Taiwan and Southeast Asia, and customized market exploration itineraries. The batch will help entrepreneurs connect with AppWorks’ founder and alumni network to support and learn from each other.

About AppWorks

Founded in 2009, AppWorks is a leading startup community and venture capital firm built by founders, for founders. We are committed to backing the next generation of entrepreneurs in Greater Southeast Asia (ASEAN+Taiwan) and helping them facilitate the region’s transition into the digital age. Just as how mobile and the internet completely transformed the status quo, we believe the current era of technology is currently being defined by major three paradigm shifts: AI, Blockchain, and Southeast Asia (ABS).

As such, whether it’s mentorship, investment, or talent, AppWorks has established a one-stop-shop for ambitious founders willing to bet against the consensus and drive a change they want to see in the world. We help startups build disruptive businesses from even an inkling of an idea into world-class enterprises through our three primary lines of service: Accelerator, Funds, and School.
More information:

AppWorks Accelerator

AppWorks Accelerator is a launchpad for bold and ambitious entrepreneurs targeting Greater Southeast Asia (GSEA). Every six months, we take in startups with strong potential, equipping founders spanning all walks of life with the necessary resources, mentorship, and guidance to get their ventures off the ground.

There are now a total of 563 active startups and 1,746 founders in the AppWorks ecosystem. Collectively, all companies in the ecosystem generate annual revenue totaling US$17.4 billion, and have created 23,625 jobs (+0.4% YoY). Altogether, the ecosystem raised a total of US$6 billion (+4.7% YoY), with an aggregate valuation reaching US$33 billion (+4% YoY). The AppWorks web3 ecosystem now has 133 startups and 324 founders. AppWorks web3 companies generated revenue totaling US$519 million, and raised US$1.1 billion (11.2% YoY), with an aggregate valuation of US$14 billion (+6.9% YoY).
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AppWorks Funds

AppWorks manages four venture capital funds totaling US$350 million, collaborating with investors who share our vision, including leading enterprises in sectors spanning technology manufacturing, finance, and media and telecom. We invest in startups ranging from Seed Round to Series C and fund around 20 to 30 deals a year, now with 100 names in our portfolio, including leading startups in several verticals such as Lalamove, Dapper Labs/Flow, Animoca Brands, 91APP, Figment, Carousell, ShopBack, 17LIVE, and KKday, while having produced six IPOs (Uber, GameSparcs, Kuobrothers, Pcone, 91APP, 17LIVE), four IEOs, one hectocorn, two decacorns, and five unicorns.
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AppWorks School

Established in 2016, AppWorks School has strived to cultivate a pipeline of skilled digital talent to help our community meet the technical demands of tomorrow. Quality talent has always served as the bedrock of innovation, yet shortages still remain the foremost challenge that tech companies in GSEA face today.

AppWorks School has trained over 1000 aspiring graduates, serving over 100 prominent companies such as Taiwan Mobile, momo, 91APP, KKBOX, WeMo Scooter, and KKday to meet their digital talent needs. AppWorks School currently provides Coding Bootcamp, Upskill Program and Corporate Training Program with different courses.
More information:

Wistron Accelerator

Launched in partnership with AppWorks in 2021, Wistron Accelerator is Taiwan’s leading AI/IoT accelerator program, with the goal of promoting the growth and development of innovative startups through business cooperation and strategic investments. The biannual program hosts up to seven startups each year, working with startups to foster innovation and promote sustainability in strategic industries. In recent years, Wistron has invested over NT$10 billion (>US$300 million) into the digital economy across more than 60 innovative startups.
More information:

For Inquiries about AppWorks Accelerator, please contact:
Angie Jeng
[email protected]

區塊鏈+AI模型優化 破除社交孤獨 無痛轉譯數據決策 大東南亞新創助企業AI轉型 撬開比台灣大28倍市場

AppWorks之初加速器主辦的AppWorks Demo Day #28與協辦的Wistron Demo Day #6今日在台北連袂登場,公開共 17 組新創團隊,分享他們如何協助大東南亞的企業實現「AI 轉型」,銜接社群銷售與線下通路物流,從中更孕育出亮眼的環保永續的品牌,區塊鏈與AI的新創,則是以新技術優化AI模型,讓Z世代社交軟體更能兼具隱私保護與真人互動率

敲開孤獨的資訊繭房:媒合Life Coach,用AI開話題提升互動又保護隱私

在電影「雲端情人」已被實現的2024年,「AI人性化互動」被廣泛應用的同時,現實生活中的人們,在網路互動還追求些什麼?即便有AI的協助,總是要有真實的人生體驗與故事,才有機會碰撞出新的火花。在新冠疫情期間誕生的人脈聯繫平台ADPList,創辦人Felix Lee(李政德)最初只是為那些在疫情期間失業的人提供公益服務,創建了谷歌表單讓求職人們填寫信息,再由Felix幫助將信息分享給招聘人員,這服務迅速累積超過2,000份個人資料與熱烈反響,並累積超過166萬小時的療程諮詢。不同於LinkedIn以展示履歷求職的目的,許多人們透過ADPList建立了直接聯繫,除了職涯以外,也貢獻彼此的生活建議和人生經驗指導。ADPList已累積超過30萬活躍會員以及來自Netflix, Airbnb, Google等公司的2.5萬名顧問導師,用戶留存率超過60%,並獲得紅杉創投的投資。

自2020年以來的多項調查顯示,79%的Z世代在生活中感到孤獨和情感孤立,雖然有曾出不窮的社交媒體來展現完美的自己,然而人際關係的困難、職業挫折、對外貌缺乏自信等話題,在現實生活中不一定能與朋友和家人分享求助,為許多人造成了巨大的焦慮和社交壓力。以區塊鏈技術保障隱私並提高帳號可信度的匿名交友軟體XO,是一款結合Tinder + Instagram功能的Web3 DApp,則更進一步洞見Z世代的社交困境,讓使用者可以保持匿名抒發的同時,透過AI創造更有互動話題性的生成式對話,引導社交阿宅們與他人溝通,促進情感聯繫和建立同理心。XO的下載量已破150萬,每月的活躍用戶超越10萬人,每月成功配對已超過100萬次,每日鏈上紀錄超過80萬次,平台的ARPPU(Average Revenue Per Paying User)是社交軟體巨頭Bumble的1.6倍。XO已獲日本樂天投資,並與日本知名的公有鏈Astar Chain、美國Cyber鏈策略合作進軍日本市場及國際市場。

台灣市場的28倍! 通路社群銷售成東南亞顯學 越南誕生出色的永續品牌


其中,來自馬來西亞的Borong(馬來語:量販批發),在B2B電商通路整合表現亮眼,創業至今7年,2023年的總交易額(GTV)已高達9.39億美元。創辦人Aizat Rahim年僅34歲,前2次創業項目獲得青睞且被併購,Borong 是他最新的創業項目。他自小仰慕美國NBA球員Kobe Bryant,「每一次都是全力以赴」的運動家精神,也一直體現在他的創業態度中,更因此獲得Y combinator、活水資本的賞識與投資,近期Borong更獲得馬來西亞政府的認證與支持,突顯公司的穩健性。目前Borong複合成長率(CAGR)來到162%,每月仍維持超過20%的增長,零售商重複購買率維持在75%的高水準, Aizat希望帶領Borong持續壯大,成為東南亞的Amazon,實現B2B的數位化連接,讓商業價值數位化,建立健康的全通路生態系。

此外,來自印尼的Orderfaz也同樣推出付費訂閱制的電商購物架站SaaS服務,幫助商家創建帶有結帳表單的登陸頁面,更協助商家整合管理來自社群媒體TikTok Shop與Tokopedia、Shopee、Lazada等巨頭電商平台的訂單,找出消費者「未清空」的購物車資料並發送通知,提高轉化率,並協助商家管理廣告投放與商品庫存資料。Orderfaz至今已滿1歲,每月營收逼近100萬美元,近期正準備拓展至馬來西亞。創辦人Reynaldi Gandawidjaja也是連續創業者,前1個創業題目受到知名企業青睞收購,Orderfaz是他的第二個創業題目,並獲知名創投1982 Ventures領投的種子前輪融資。 

正當多數新創在東南亞全通路電子商務沃土上大展拳腳時,越南也同時也綻放出以永續發展、環境友善為主題的品牌EQUO。EQUO以D2C和B2B兩種通路,提供100%無塑料吸管、餐具、餐盤和飲具,這些產品由甘蔗、椰子、咖啡和米等可降解的環保材料打造而成,以降低一次性塑料的污染問題。EQUO的創辦人Marina Tran-Vu是在加拿大長大的越南裔女性,在新冠疫情期間無意被一根植物吸管啟發,進而在2020年正式創立EQUO,目前每年營收已高達160萬美元,分銷至歐盟、加拿大、美國、越南、香港、新加坡在包括歐盟在內的18個以上的國家。Marina過往職涯經歷包含聯合利華、百加得、LG電子等跨國公司,並曾以EQUO創辦人身份,在美國實境秀「創業鯊魚幫(Shark Tank Vietnam)」中出鏡,她的創業努力不僅獲得印尼知名創投East Ventures以及美國知名加速器Techstars的青睞,並被SustainabilityX Magazine期刊評選入列為永續發展領域的全球50名女性之一,今年更成為卡地亞(Cartier)全球女性倡議計劃的獲獎者,是該計劃17年歷史上首位來自越南的得主。

之初加速器近50%團隊已實現上市櫃或完成A輪融資  殷實佈局大東南亞 



先別檢討人類了!直接優化AI模型  讓監管機構秒懂技術數據 才是真王道

由AppWorks協助營運的緯創加速器(Wistron Accelerator)今年邁入第6屆,今年最受注目的焦點的則是AI模型的優化工具Etiq AI,兩位創辦人皆為女性,一位曾是對沖基金公司的會計稅務顧問,另一位則擁有超過10年的數據科學領域實作經驗。

近期頻繁發生的AI謬誤,讓大眾逐漸感知到,AI的預測表面上看似中立,但其訓練資料和模型卻存在諸多問題,有瑕疵的AI可能會產生不正確的預測,甚至是荒謬的回應。而Etiq AI的功能,即是提供API來優化AI決策模型,透過測試資料品質和模型效能,更靈活快速的偵測錯誤,讓企業內部的數據科學家們全方位掌握自己在AI模型中部署的指令。此外,Etiq AI視覺化的管理面板,也能有效幫助法務部門和業務團隊更清楚AI的決策過程,並從而做出讓監管機構更容易理解的說明文件,真正實現跨領域的透明化溝通。

緯創與之初合作10週年 孵化團隊展獲Viva Tech國際大獎 業務拓展至中東


緯創加速器在在醫療與通訊資科技方面斬獲成就的校友中,有為5G/6G基地台晶片與衛星設計通訊晶片的Ranictek(繁晶科技)今年已可為客戶提供FPGA服務(Field Programmable Gate Array,現場可程式化邏輯閘陣列),今年更在法國最大新創展Viva Tech從眾多國際團隊中脫穎而出,榮獲IC設計挑戰賽之優秀評審獎。而校友LongGood(龍骨王)則是開發了台灣第一個復健領域的軟體產品,運用體感動作與步態分析技術為復健產業數位轉型,目前在台灣已導入超過30家醫院以及破百間長照機構,並持續在日本、新加坡、泰國、與馬來西亞推廣。

在AI應用與區塊鏈技術方面,有台灣起家的AiPoint(臥龍智慧環境),以AI技術幫助水資源回收及增能的管理方案,已獲台灣自來水股份有限公司青睞使用,臺北市政府自來水事業處也正與其研議導入系統,近期更有望將技術推進至沙烏地阿拉伯。而iCHASE(智逐科技)則是以AI技術管理家禽健康的管理平台,幫助提供家禽飼養場的效率和品質,近期已更進一步將業務拓展至東南亞、歐洲與北美。此外,區塊鏈技術結合供應鏈金融的BSOS(灣谷科技),則是中國信託商業銀行合作結合SAP ERP系統,協助企業管理供應鏈營運資金,今年初更榮獲首屆台灣SAP新創加速器年度最佳解決方案獎。

之初加速器#29(AppWorks Accelerator)以及緯創加速器#7(Wistron Accelerator) 現正招募中,向AI、物聯網、雲端、資安、教育與醫療相關新創招手,入選新創由緯創集團高階主管親自輔導並提供新創PoC實驗場景、商模成長等集團資源,幫助新創大幅降低試錯成本。

No. 團隊名稱 簡介 總部
1 ADPList 人脈聯繫平台,媒合來自全球各地的人生導師或職涯顧問 

A global mentorship platform to access knowledge from experts



2 XO 為Z世代打造的區塊鏈匿名交友軟體XO,以AI生成式對話促進社交互動率 

AI-powered and blockchain-verified conversational platform for GenZ



3 Borong 為量販批發商品而生的全通路行銷平台

B2B bulk e-commerce platform



4 EQUO 永續發展、環境友善品牌

Sustainable alternatives to single-use plastics and paper



5 Orderfaz 為電商提供全方位整合行銷的平台

Shopify for social commerce sellers



6 Event Horizon 去中心化 (DAO) 元治理鏈

DAO meta-governance layer



7 Return Helper 電商逆物流管理軟體

Software solution for e-commerce returns



8 ShipAny 電商物流管理平台

Smart logistics gateway for e-commerce



9 ABConvert 為電商生成的A/B testing工具

Specialized A/B testing tool for e-commerce



10 Ajourney 為東南亞地區打造的一站式人力資源和薪酬管理平台

One-stop HR & payroll platform for businesses in SEA



11 Quantlytica 管理加密貨幣投資報酬和風險的AI平台

AI-driven investment solution for yield and risk management in crypto



12 Olli 可和小孩對話的AI玩具

AI-powered operating system to bring toys to life



13 Qiro Finance 鏈上私有信貸協議

On-chain private credit protocol



14 Exchequer Finance 激勵 DeFi 流動性的去中心化結構性商品

Permissionless tools for creating structured incentives



15 Jomud 為大專院校管理學生國外留學申請的輔導平台

Career data management solution for tertiary institutes



16 Cheko 幫學生找專家完成家庭作業的媒合平台

Bridging students with subject experts for homework assistance




Wistron #6 TW Demo Day Startup List
17 Etiq AI 協助優化AI決策模型的軟體工具

A predictive model software to identify data & model issues, and provide optimization recommendations




關於 AppWorks 之初加速器集團

2009 年成立,由「創業者」為「創業者」設立的加速器,以及基於加速器發展的新創社群與創投機構,致力在大東南亞地區協助下世代的創業者,抓住數位革命的成長機會。正如同 Mobile Internet 帶來了巨變,我們相信 ABS – AI、Blockchain 與 Southeast Asia 是今日的三大典範轉移。我們認為,創造一個偉大事業的過程中,團隊是主角,而投資人則是配角,我們專注扮演配角,從種子時期開始支持有想法的團隊,一路陪著他們打造區域級、世界級的偉大企業。AppWorks 目前共提供 Accelerator、Funds 與 School 等三項主要服務。



關於 AppWorks Accelerator 之初加速器

2010 年成立,每半年嚴選本區域最具潛力的新創團隊進駐。輔導新創團隊尋找 Product-Market Fit、幫助成長期團隊建立 Sustainable / Scalable Business Models。成立以來,從 AppWorks Accelerator 畢業的活躍新創已達 563 家、1,746 位創業者。AppWorks 生態系所有新創加總營業額達 174 億美元;提供就業數 23,625 位,年增 0.4%;累積募資金額 60 億美元,年增 4.7%;總市值 330 億美元,年增 4%。其中,AppWorks 生態系已有 133 家活躍新創、324 位創業者來自 Web3 領域,整體營業額達 5.2 億美元;累積募資金額 11 億美元,年增11.2%;總市值 140 億美元,年增 6.9%。



關於 AppWorks Funds 之初創投基金

AppWorks 管理四支創投基金總共募集 3.5 億美元,我們與認同 AppWorks 理念的投資人合作,其中包括在科技製造、金融、媒體、電信等領域領先的企業。我們通常投資種子輪至 C 輪的新創,每年進行 20-30 個投資案,目前為止已投資超過 100 家新創,其中許多在其所處產業或領域中居於領先地位,如:Lalamove、Dapper Labs / Flow、Animoca Brands、91APP、Figment、Carousell、ShopBack、17LIVE、KKday 等。此外,AppWorks Funds 至今已有 6 個 IPO 案 (Uber、隆中網絡、創業家兄弟、松果購物、91APP、17 Live)、4 個 IEO 案,以及 1 隻百角獸 (Hectocorn)、2 隻十角獸 (Decacorn) 與 5 隻獨角獸 (Unicorn) 。



關於 AppWorks School 之初學校

AppWorks School 成立於 2016 年,致力協助渴望投身數位、網路與電商產業的人才,提供高度銜接業界,實作導向、高效的紮實培訓計畫。成立至今,已培訓超過 1000 位學員,協助多間企業包含台灣大哥大、momo、91APP、KKBOX、Line TV、WeMo Scooter、Line Taxi、Hahow、VoiceTube 與 Gogoro 等知名新創與科技公司培訓數位人才。現提供軟體培訓營、校園培訓計畫、在職進修、企業代訓等服務。



關於 Wistron Accelerator 緯創加速器

2020 年,緯創成立企業投資辦公室 (CVC)。2021 年,與亞洲最大新創加速器 AppWorks 合作,啟動了 Wistron Accelerator 緯創垂直加速器。這個平台透過業務合作、策略投資與結盟,旨在促進新創企業的成長和發展。每年舉辦兩屆加速器活動,限額招募 7 家新創企業參與。緯創邁向永續的關鍵作法之一,就是採取積極的前瞻性投資,引進策略技術夥伴,投資並攜手新創團隊。緯創近幾年已投入超過新台幣 100 億元,超過 60 家投資甚或長期經營的案例。



For general inquiries 

Email: [email protected]

AppWorks 活動聯絡人(含發稿後媒體聯繫): Angie Jeng | +886-982-005-566 | mailto:[email protected]

Telkomsel Ventures and AppWorks Unveil Seven Innovative Indonesian Startups for TINC Batch #9

Through the six month program, startups will work directly with Telkomsel Business Units to adapt and integrate their products and solutions into the Telkomsel ecosystem

JAKARTA, INDONESIA, June 04, 2024—Telkomsel Ventures, Telkomsel’s digital ecosystem enabler, in collaboration with AppWorks, Greater Southeast Asia’s leading startup community, unveiled seven startups selected to participate in the TINC Batch #9 accelerator program. The six month program will showcase Indonesian startups creating innovative solutions for healthcare, fintech, climate, marketing, and smart homes.

Built around the theme of B2B Solutions & Emerging Technologies, the seven startups selected to join TINC Batch #9 demonstrated significant synergies with major Telkomsel initiatives to promote the development of Indonesia’s digital economy as well as drive forward inclusive and sustainability initiatives through a highly competitive pitching process, and were selected from over 100 qualified applicants. 

The seven startups featured in TINC Batch #9 include:

  • PrimaKu: Founded in 2021 by Didit Indraputra, PrimaKu is Indonesia’s pioneering pediatric health platform that provides tailored, intuitive monitoring of child development, endorsed by the Indonesian Pediatric Society (IDAI).
  • Finfra: Established by Markus Prommik in 2022, Finfra revolutionizes business by providing the infrastructure to seamlessly integrate financial services, empowering companies across Southeast Asia to become fintech pioneers.
  • Rey: Launched by Evan Tanotogono in 2021, Rey is an end-to-end healthcare and insurTech company in Indonesia. By offering subscription-based services that integrate insurance, wellness, and medical record data to provide personalized care and services to each client.
  • Skorlife: Co-founded in 2022 by Ongki Kurniawan and Karan Khetan, SkorLife leads Indonesia’s credit technology sector with a free application that helps users actively manage their credit scores and financial health. 
  • CarbonEthics: Initiated by Agung Bimo Listyanu in 2019, CarbonEthics is an Impact Enterprise dedicated to climate restoration through pioneering blue carbon rehabilitation and comprehensive natural climate solutions.
  • Peacom: Founded by Han Truong in 2022, Peacom delivers a multichannel conversational marketing and sales automation platform in Indonesia, enhancing business communications across diverse messaging channels.
  • myECO: Started by Maulana Derifato Achmad in 2020, myECO innovates in smart home technology by offering IoT-based solutions for electricity conservation, aiding households in reducing energy consumption effectively.

Through the six month program, startups will closely partner with Telkomsel Business Units to explore ways for their products and services to be integrated into the Telkomsel Ecosystem. Participating startups will attend a series of activities and events designed to improve company competencies, expand their networks, and build synergies with Telkomsel, including: mentorship sessions, office hours, topic deep dives, subject sharing, and community events, among others.

TINC Batch #9 Demo Day is scheduled for October in Jakarta as well as regional sessions in December in Taiwan, where participating startups will pitch their companies to a select group of investors and potential business partners.

“We’re incredibly excited to launch TINC Batch #9 with these seven dynamic startups. Their innovative B2B solutions and emerging technologies represent the future of Indonesia’s digital ecosystem. We look forward to working alongside them and Telkomsel to accelerate their growth and deliver meaningful impact to our customers and partners,” said Mia Melinda, CEO, Telkomsel Ventures.

“We are proud to unveil these seven carefully selected startups for TINC Batch #9. Leveraging AppWorks’ expertise and extensive network throughout Greater Southeast Asia and together with Telkomsel, we will accelerate their growth and help Telkomsel to create a greater impact on Indonesia’s booming digital economy,” said Jamie Lin, Chairman & Partner, AppWorks.

About Telkomsel Ventures

Telkomsel Ventures, established in 2019, is the investment arm of Telkomsel. As a strategic investor, Telkomsel Ventures invests and collaborates with promising startups to accelerate Telkomsel’s digital transformation and create innovative services. With a current portfolio of 17 startups, Telkomsel Ventures is committed to empowering startups through strategic investments, leveraging Telkomsel’s expansive ecosystem and capabilities. The goal is to actively contribute to Indonesia’s technology landscape while supporting Telkomsel’s strategic objectives.

More information:

About AppWorks

Founded in 2009, AppWorks is a leading startup community and venture capital firm built by founders, for founders. We are committed to backing the next generation of entrepreneurs in Greater Southeast Asia (ASEAN+Taiwan) and helping them facilitate the region’s transition into the digital age. Just as how mobile and the internet completely transformed the status quo, we believe the current era of technology is currently being defined by major three paradigm shifts: AI, Blockchain, and Southeast Asia (ABS). 

As such, whether it’s mentorship, investment, or talent, AppWorks has established a one-stop-shop for ambitious founders willing to bet against the consensus and drive a change they want to see in the world. We help startups build disruptive businesses from even an inkling of an idea into world-class enterprises through our three primary lines of service: Accelerator, Funds, and School.

More information:

Wistron Accelerator FAQ 緯創加速器常見問題回覆 (為 #7 申請團隊準備)

緯創資通與 AppWorks 從 2014 年開始合作,是 AppWorks Fund II、Fund III 的主要股東之一,之後也陸續投資了 MoBagel (AW#16)、 ANIWARE (AW#17),與 LucidPix (AW#18) 等自 AppWorks Accelerator 畢業的新創校友,雙方有長期的策略合作關係與默契,並於 2021 年 9 月首度啓動緯創垂直加速器,由大東南亞領先的新創加速器 AppWorks 提供營運等核心業務。


【Wistron Accelerator #7 現正開放申請中:申請專頁

1. 緯創期待藉由加速器與新創達成什麼樣的合作成果?緯創可以提供新創什麼幫助?

Wistron Accelerator 可以提供的相關幫助包括: 

a. 緯創集團各企業 / 事業單位 C-level 高階主管提供產業面的專業建議

這個加速器的最大特色,是由緯創集團各企業與事業單位 C-level 高階主管擔任 Mentors,加入的新創可直接與 Mentor 們討論合作內容與商業模式,從他們身上,獲得產業最前緣的 Insights,大幅減少新創摸索、試錯與實驗的機會成本。緯創集團參與 Wistron Accelerator 的企業與事業單位如下:

  1. Wistron 緯創資通 (包含 IIC 新創整合中心、CVC 企業投資辦公室)
  2. Wiwynn 緯穎科技
  3. WNC 啟碁科技
  4. Wistron ITS 緯創軟體
  5. WMT 緯創醫學
  6. WiAdvance 緯謙科技

有與企業合作經驗的創業者都知道,通常 C-level 高階主管負責策略,而團隊負責執行,因此如果能直接與最高層級溝通,那麼在策略合作聚焦,以及共同發展出新服務、新事業的機會將因此大增。


因此,Wistron Accelerator 在內容設計上,一開始就由 C-level 高階主管親自上陣,解決上述問題。新創在加速器期間,將與各事業單位負責人進行深度的合作與互動,不只能更深入理解企業真正的需求與計畫、產業 Insight,也能藉此學習如何與企業客戶有效溝通、幫助解決他們的問題。

b. 與緯創獨家合作 PoC

做 B2B 生意的新創都知道,因為企業組織與決策流程的關係,要成功推動企業合作,通常需要醞釀比較長的時間,動輒一季、甚至超過半年,都是常有的情形。

為了加速合作的速度,Wistron Accelerator 在時程、進度與合作目標,都經過了精心規劃。參與 Wistron Accelerator 的團隊,以與緯創集團各企業或共同協作 PoC 為目標,過程中 AppWorks 也將全程協助推動 PoC 的討論與實作,以 4 個月的時程安排,驗證最小可行性產品 (MVP),作為新創與緯創的協作學習經驗,以及後續合作的評估標準。

2. 緯創會從申請加入的新創之中,觀察哪些重點?

當收到創業者提出申請後,結合 AppWorks 輔導創業者的經驗,以及緯創的產業專業,我們特別重視引領創業者持續自我精進、排除阻礙的北極星,以及產品的核心技術。以下幾個問題,可幫助創業者思考是否適合加入 Wistron Accelerator:

  • 為什麼要創業?
  • 你希望透過創業解決什麼問題?為什麼?
  • 你已經做了哪些努力來證明你正在解決這些問題?
  • 你所打造的產品,與其它既有的解決方案有什麼不同之處?
  • 你期待藉由與緯創的合作得到什麼?你能為緯創帶來什麼價值?

3. Wistron Accelerator 要收費嗎?我們現在需要一筆資金,加入就可以被投資嗎?

Wistron Accelerator 是針對創業者完全免費的服務。我們不會向新創團隊收取租金、服務費,也不會要求技術股、選擇權、營收和獲利分成等任何形式的回饋。同時,每一支入選 Wistron Accelerator 的新創團隊,皆會獲得緯創贊助 20 萬新台幣的補助 (不佔股份)。

緯創近幾年的策略投資,已投入超過 100 億新台幣,累計 60 家投資甚或長期經營的對象,更於 2020 年底成立了企業創投 (CVC),將積極佈局新創策略投資。因此入選  Wistron Accelerator 的新創,不論在加速器期間,或是加速器應屆計畫結束後,都將有機會與緯創企業創投、所合作的企業與事業單位,進一步討論未來的正式合作或投資機會。

4. 為什麼緯創限定招募來自 AI、物聯網、雲端、資安、教育與醫療科技的創業者?

緯創資通集團身為全球 ICT 產業領導廠商之一,正積極佈局未來、邁向永續。憑藉堅強的研發及技術創新能力,以及多元化產品發展,將硬體設備結合軟體服務、雲端數據系統,提供技術服務與解決方案,建立新技術產業鏈以及創新平台,大力將事業擴展至教育、企業服務、物聯網及醫療等新領域。

藉由 Wistron Accelerator,緯創希望分享其產業經驗與豐富的業界資源,結合新創獨有的解決方案,藉由 PoC 合作,探索新的發展機會,幫助新創測試 B2B 解決方案、擁有緯創作為使用者案例。同時,也樂見緯創透過加速器期間的合作成果,發展成為緯創集團下個十年的創新動能。

5. 什麼階段的新創適合申請 Wistron Accelerator?

我們並沒有限定申請團隊的成熟階段,但我們會建議來申請的新創,最好已經有和企業的合作案例,或是至少有 1~2 個 PoC 的合作經驗,將能更善用加速器所規劃的 4 個月時程,並確保在這樣的時間內,能有一定程度的成果產出。

如果你目前仍處於打磨 MVP、尚未和目標客戶接觸的階段,我們會建議你優先專注於打造你的產品,並嘗試接觸幾個目標客戶,搜集意見回饋、調整產品,確認自己想解決的問題以及核心優勢之後,再申請 Wistron Accelerator。

如果你已經有產品雛型,但尚未設立公司,根據我們的經驗,我們會建議你先完成此程序,這將有助於尋找事業夥伴並洽談後續合作。AppWorks 備有專業的會計與法務顧問,可以為創業者團隊提供成立公司過程中,所需要的協助,也有豐富的經驗,能為海外團隊處理落地台灣的手續。

6. 我不是台灣公民,能否幫忙申請簽證?

入選 Wistron Accelerator 的國際創業者,可根據個人的需求與條件,由緯創與 AppWorks 提供協助申請 Entrepreneur Visa 創業家簽證Gold Card 就業金卡Business Visa 商業簽證,讓來自海外的創業者能在台灣專心工作,不需為了簽證問題出境往返。


7. 進駐 Wistron Accelerator 後,是否每週一到五整天都要待在緯創?我們可以遠距參加嗎?


8. 申請書的題目都是英文,用中文寫會不會影響分數?

Wistron Accelerator 的線上申請書共有約 26 個題目,包含團隊、產品、商業模式,與市場分析等眾多面向,非常詳盡,需要花一定的時間與心思填寫。我們希望透過這些題目協助每一個來申請的團隊,釐清自己當下的發展狀態與所需協助。


我們鼓勵你嘗試以英文作答,但用中文填寫並不會影響評估結果,最重要的是必須清楚表達你想傳達的訊息。另外,我們也鼓勵創辦人 (CEO) 拍攝一段一分鐘的自我介紹影片,讓我們能夠更完整的認識你。

9. 第一階段申請和第二階段申請有何差別?

Wistron Accelerator 的面談與入選採先收先審制度 (Rolling-basis),根據過去的經驗,先繳交申請書的團隊,有較高的入選機率,且能提早知道自己已經入選,有更充裕的時間預先規劃相關事宜。因此,我們會鼓勵創業者在第一階段就填寫申請書,以免到了最後申請截止前夕,競爭變得更加激烈。

希望以上整理能幫助你釐清對 Wistron Accelerator 的諸多疑問。若還有其他需要進一步瞭解的地方,歡迎留言給我們,或是來信至:[email protected],我們將盡量為你解答。

【歡迎所有 AI、物聯網、雲端、資安、教育與醫療科技的創業者,加入 Wistron Accelerator 申請,早鳥輪申請截止日為 2024 年 6 月 20 日】

Wistron Accelerator FAQ (For Founders Applying to Wistron Accelerator #7)

Wistron has been working closely with AppWorks since 2014 and is one of the major limited partners of AppWorks Fund II and Fund III. It also invested in MoBagel (AW#16), ANIWARE (AW#17), LucidPix (AW#18), and other alumni who have graduated from AppWorks Accelerator. Wistron and AppWorks have been working closely together and have a long-term strategic partnership, and launched the Wistron Accelerator in September 2021. AppWorks, itself a leading accelerator in Greater Southeast Asia, provides core logistics and operations support.

We put together some frequently asked questions for startup teams who still had questions about the Wistron Accelerator program after reading the information on the landing page. If you have similar questions, we hope you can find the answers below.

[Wistron Accelerator #7 is taking applications now!]

1. What outcomes does Wistron expect to achieve through the Accelerator program? What kind of support can Wistron provide?

Some domain-specific perks include:

a. Access to C-level Mentors from Wistron subsidiaries/business units

The most significant value of this accelerator is that the C-levels of different business units at Wistron will serve as your Mentors. Startups in the Wistron Accelerator can directly discuss partnerships and business insights with C-level Mentors at Wistron, significantly increasing the chance of collaborative success.

The Mentors participating in the Wistron Accelerator are from the following business units:

  1. Wistron Group (including Innovation Integration Center, and the CVC team)
  2. Wiwynn
  3. WNC 
  4. Wistron ITS 
  5. WMT
  6. WiAdvance

People who have experience working with enterprises know that the CEO or C-level manager is usually responsible for the strategy, and their team is accountable for execution. Therefore, if you can directly communicate with high-level managers, you may significantly increase the chances of developing a strategic partnership, new services, and new business.

In addition, even though startups already have domain knowledge in their focus area, when facing different industries and large enterprises, there is still much to learn, including both hard and soft skills.

In the Wistron Accelerator program, Mentors take on the role to solve the aforementioned issues. During the accelerator period, startups will have in-depth collaboration and interaction with the heads of the designated business unit. Startups can further understand companies’ needs, plans, and insights, and learn how to work with large corporations effectively.

b. Exclusive PoC collaboration with Wistron

Startups running B2B businesses know that it takes a long time to successfully onboard corporate partners because of the different organizational nature and the longer decision-making processes. It’s very common to take a quarter or even more than six months to kick off a collaboration.

Wistron Accelerator has thoughtfully planned the schedule, process, and goals to speed up the collaboration process. The startups participating in the Wistron Accelerator will directly collaborate with Wistron’s business units or subsidiaries to come up with a PoC. During the program, AppWorks will facilitate the discussion and implementation of the PoC. Startups can develop the minimum viable product (MVP) within the four-month timeline and further discuss more in-depth collaboration after the program.

2. What are the important factors you consider when evaluating applications?

The application review process combines AppWorks’s experience in mentoring startups and Wistron’s industry expertise. We are looking for founders who continuously work on themselves and have a clear North Star in their founder journey, which we believe will help founders overcome obstacles and build up the product’s core competitive advantages. 

The following questions can help you think about whether you are suitable to join Wistron Accelerator:

  • Why did you start your business?
  • What problem do you want to solve? Why?
  • What efforts have you made in solving these problems?
  • How is your product different from existing solutions?
  • What do you expect from the collaboration with Wistron? What value can you bring to Wistron?

3. Is there a charge for the Wistron Accelerator?  If we need capital now, will we receive investment after joining?

Wistron Accelerator is an entirely free service for founders. We will not ask for rent, service fees, or any types of concessions such as stock, options, revenue, or profit-sharing. At the same time, every enrolled startup will receive a NT$200K subsidy from Wistron, which is not in exchange for any shares.

Wistron has been a bullish strategic investor, in recent years investing more than NT$10 billion with a total of 60 companies in their portfolio. In 2020, Wistron established a corporate venture capital (CVC) team and is actively looking into strategic investments. Startups selected for the Wistron Accelerator will have the opportunity to discuss further collaboration or investment with Wistron CVC, business units, or its subsidiaries during and after the program.

4. Why does Wistron recruit startups only from AI, IoT, cloud, cyber security, education, and medical technology industries?

Wistron is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in the ICT industry. In recent years, Wistron has been investing in R&D, tech innovation, and diversified product development, and has also seized on the growing trend of cloud applications. They have successfully integrated a multitude of hardware devices, software services, and cloud applications, and offer technical service platforms and solutions. During this time they have also expanded their business to new fields like education, corporate services, IoT, and medical care.

Through the Wistron Accelerator, Wistron hopes to share its industry experience and rich resources with startups, and to explore innovative opportunities by working on a PoC together. Wistron is happy to be one of the case studies for startups to test their B2B solution. Wistron Group also expects to develop growth opportunities for the next decade through this collaboration.

5. What stage of startups is suitable for the Wistron Accelerator?

We do not have a strict standard on the stage of the startup. But we do recommend startups that have experience working with enterprises or have a few proven PoCs to apply. These startups should be able to better utilize the four-month timeline and can reasonably expect a certain level of results from the program.

If you are still in the MVP stage and have not yet defined your target customers, we would suggest you focus on developing your product first, try to get some initial users, collect feedback, and iterate accordingly. Once you validate the problem you want to solve and know the core advantage of your product, that will be a better time to apply for the Wistron Accelerator.

If you already have a product prototype but have not yet established a company, we recommend that you complete the company setup process first. From our experience, it can help you onboard business partners and initiate collaborations more efficiently. 

AppWorks can provide professional accounting and legal services to help founders set up a company, whether you are from Taiwan or overseas.

6. I am not a citizen of Taiwan. Can you help me get a visa?

Wistron and AppWorks can assist international founders enrolled in the Wistron Accelerator to apply for the Entrepreneur Visa, the employment Gold Card or the Business Visa based on certain conditions. Founders from overseas can concentrate on their work without worrying about visa issues.

7. While participating in the Wistron Accelerator, do we have to stay at Wistron’s office all day from Monday to Friday?  Can we participate remotely?

We do not stipulate work locations. Every startup will discuss the meeting frequency, and format with the Mentor on a case-by-case basis. 

8. The application questions are written in English. Will writing in Chinese affect the score?

Wistron Accelerator’s application has 26 questions, covering team, product, business model, market analysis, etc. It requires a certain amount of time and effort to fill out. We hope that by this design, we can help every team clarify their current status and the assistance they are looking for.

Filling in the application is like having a health check-up. Founders must think profoundly about their products, market strategies, team and the overall industry environment. Therefore, regardless of if you decide to apply or not, we still recommend you to carefully think about these questions.

We encourage you to answer in English; however, using Chinese will not affect the results. The most important thing is to express your views clearly. Furthermore, we also encourage the founder (CEO) to make a one-minute self-introduction video for us to get to know you better.

9. What is the difference between the first round and final round application?

Wistron Accelerator’s admission is on a rolling basis. Based on previous experience, teams that applied earlier had a higher chance of being selected. They could also know the results earlier to have adequate time to plan for the PoC. Therefore, we encourage founders to apply early to avoid high competition during the final application deadline.

We hope the answers mentioned above can help you clarify any questions about the Wistron Accelerator. 

If there are further questions, please send a message to us or write to: [email protected]. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

[Calling founders working on AI, IoT, cloud, cybersecurity, EduTech, and MedTech. The deadline for the Early Bird Round is June 20, 2024]