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Candice Su, Investor Relations Manager (蘇郁茹 / 投資人關係經理)

Candice keeps AppWorks Funds investors (LPs) up-to-date on how their investments are performing as well as making sure they derive the most strategic synergies out of the AppWorks Ecosystem. Prior to joining AppWorks, she was a deputy manager at Fubon Securities’ Investment Banking Department where she primarily focused on equity financing, IPO, and SPO related transactions and helped many companies gain better access to the capital markets by providing both financial and operational solutions. Candice received her B.A. in Accounting from Fu Jen Catholic University. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and experiencing different cultures through their cuisines and wine.

Before AppWorks 

(English Below) 在加入 AppWorks 之前,我主要是在富邦投資銀行處協助公司 IPO (首次公開發行股票) 及 SPO (現金增資),因為角色的關係,我有很多與企業 Founder 學習的機會,在 IPO 的整個過程中,我跟企業必須成為生命共同體,除了從 Founder 的視角,徹頭徹尾的了解企業本身的價值外,我也必須掌握企業所有大大小小近況,並即時判斷是否會對於 IPO 造成任何影響,並適時的幫助企業了解主管機關的視角,在雙方間搭起有效的溝通橋樑。

Why AppWorks

通常準備 IPO 的企業,已有相對成熟的商業模式,Founder 也可能已是蛻變後的樣子,也讓我逐漸去思考,是否有其他方式可以從不同的面向,去了解及幫助 Founders,也就是在這時候,我無意間看到了 Jamie 的 Post。 出於好奇,我便開始搜尋起 AppWorks ,接著我逐漸認識  AppWorks,以及這個團隊如何實踐 By founders, for founders. 的精神,這讓我感到無比的興奮與感動,畢竟很多時候企業本身的商業模式,以及獲利與否才是資本市場所在乎的,因此能回歸到 Founders 的本質與初衷,這樣的想法深深地吸引著我。

Why investor relations?

不同於分析師直接對應新創團隊的角色,IR 對應的是創投基金這一層的投資人,而對 AppWorks 來說,我們不只是希望投資人能獲得財務上的報酬,更希望能極大化投資人與 AppWorks 生態系的策略綜效。未來,當投資人對於創新趨勢想有更深入的了解、進行數位轉型,或想參與新創投資的時候,我們都能成為他們首選的 Go-to person。我一直相信幫助 Founders 的方式有很多種,就像產業分為上中下游一樣,若我能利用我的專業幫助到上游的投資人們,並以此實質支持下游的 Founders ,這必能在未來逐漸產生一個好的互助循環。

Last but not least 

想嘗試和學習的事情很多,接下來我也會好好挖掘  AppWorks 的寶藏,並持續做會讓自己有成就感的事情,也希望以後在路上遇到大家的時候,都有機會可以聽聽你們的故事喔!

Before AppWorks 

Before joining AppWorks, I worked at Fubon Securities’ investment banking department to assist companies with IPOs (Initial Public Offerings) and SPOs (Secondary Public Offerings). To recognize the true value of the company and act as the bridge between founders and the regulators , I was blessed to have the chance  to learn directly from the founders and be inspired by them.

Why AppWorks

Generally speaking, companies that are preparing for an IPO have a relatively mature business model, so I wouldn’t be able to witness the 0 to 1 founder journey. This made me start to think about possible ways to observe founders from a different angle. That’s when I came across Jamie’s Post. Out of curiosity, I looked up more about AppWorks, and realized that AppWorks adhered to a  spirit of “By founders, for founders.” While capital markets care more about the profitability of a company, AppWorks cares more about the delta of a founder and the problem they are trying to solve, which really resonated with me.  

Why investor relations?

In contrast to investment associates or analysts that work directly with founders, IR engages more with investors in the fund, such as keeping AppWorks Funds investors (LPs) up-to-date on fund performance as well as making sure they enjoy  strategic synergies from  the AppWorks Ecosystem. Through synergies, I believe this is also a way to help founders from a different angle. Just like you need all supply chains to form an industry, I hope to help our founders succeed while unlocking advantages for AppWorks LPs.

Last but not least 

There’s still a lot to learn and discover along the way, please don’t hesitate to share your story with me and inspire me with your founder journey!

web3.GSEA Snapshot 22H1: Now is the Best Time for Web3 Founders

Original file for download: web3.GSEA Snapshot 22H1

Jack An, Analyst (安良方 / 分析師)

Jack is an Analyst covering AppWorks Web3 Arm. Before joining the team, he was a co-founder and early team member at two InsurTech startups, where he developed a passion in user experience and product development. Previous to his startup journey he worked as a commercial property underwriter at Chubb Insurance in New Zealand. Jack graduated with a Bachelor of Music from Waikato University where he studied classical piano. He loves to cook, read and is a practicing stoic.

Looking back at the first half of 2022, it is understandable that many investors turned bearish— with the global economy entering a cycle of raising interest rates, capital markets shedding market cap, and currencies around the world getting hit by the one-two punch of inflation and depreciation against a strong US Dollar. Despite these macro uncertainties, founders and developers have not succumbed to such sentiments, demonstrating strong determination and resilience to continue building and reiterating. Thanks to their efforts, the global web3 ecosystem continues to flourish with new ideas and business models. Looking at the bigger picture, this winter will pass. Web3 remains one of the biggest paradigm shifts over the next 10 to 20 years, and Greater Southeast Asia (ASEAN + Taiwan) will play a critical role as one of the world’s most exciting and dynamic markets. More than ever, now is the best time for founders to take the entrepreneurial plunge.

We are optimistic about the long-term outlook for web3, and believe that now is the best time to start a web3 project, based on our experience transcending market cycles. Since AppWorks was founded in 2009, and launching our semi-annual AppWorks Accelerator in 2010, we have built a startup ecosystem and founder community home to 457 active startups and 1,448 entrepreneurs. In 2018, AppWorks Accelerator entered the web3 arena, and launched AppWorks Fund III the same year to invest in web3 startups in Greater Southeast Asia and beyond. At present, 93 active startups, or more than 20% of the AppWorks ecosystem are in web3, launched by 181 founders pushing things forward in this pioneering space.

Within AppWorks’ web3 ecosystem, there are many exciting projects created during the last bear market cycle in 2018 and 2019. For example, Dapper Labs, which was founded in 2018, successively launched the Flow blockchain and built NBA Top Shot to become one of the most successful NFT developers, ushering in 2021’s NFT Summer. Despite the prevailing headwinds in the first half of this year, Flow’s trading volume and active accounts hit new all-time highs in June. Meanwhile, Animoca Brands acquired The Sandbox in 2018 and developed a blockchain version, making The Sandbox a trailblazer in the blockchain game arena.

Users and Founders Continue to Flock to Web3

In contrast with the last bear market, interest in web3 has continued to grow unabated—both in terms of user adoption and innovation. Whether it be DeFi, NFTs or DAOs, we continue to see founders building projects that adhere to the core ethos of web3—decentralization, permissionless, trustlessness, and transparency—and has entered the mainstream consciousness of society. According to statistics by Messari, DeFi continues to be the largest application in crypto. In April 2022, the market cap of DeFi (excluding stablecoins) stood at roughly US$70 billion, accounting for 10% of Layer 1 tokens; while in Q1 2022, global NFT secondary sales exceeded US$10 billion for the first time; and assets locked up in DAO treasuries reached US$11 billion in April of this year, of which 60% were locked up in the top 15 DAOs.

Compared to other markets, Southeast Asia offers fertile ground for the development of Web3 projects. Southeast Asia is home to nearly 700 million people, of which 440 million are active online users, and an additional 60 million users have logged on since the beginning of the pandemic. Southeast Asia is also home to the world’s youngest, most dynamic, and most open-minded digital native population. The numbers say it all, with Southeast Asia boasting a median age of 30 years old, a per capita GDP growth rate four-times the global average, and a digital economy estimated to reach US$1 trillion by 2030.

Another reason to be optimistic about the development of web3 in Southeast Asia is the potential for digital leapfrogging. Out of Southeast Asia’s 700 million people, more than 70% of them remain unbanked or underbanked—with limited access to financial services. This provides optimal conditions for the mainstream adoption of DeFi, cryptocurrency investment, and crypto asset management. In providing financial services to the public, users will bypass traditional banks and go directly to web3.

Web3 development in Southeast Asia has already demonstrated remarkable growth potential, including the development of many consumer-oriented applications in web3. According to the Chainalysis 2021 Global Crypto Adoption Index report, Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines are ranked 1st, 12th, and 15th in the world in terms of cryptocurrency adoption. Meanwhile, in terms of the proportion of crypto holders to total population, according to statistics by TripleA, crypto has reached a penetration rate of 20.27% in Vietnam, 6.47% in Thailand, 6.13% in the Philippines, 4.92% in Singapore, and 4.45% in Indonesia, ranking 1st, 12th, 14th, 18th and 20th in the world respectively. In terms of the development of NFT applications, Southeast Asia has also taken a leading position. According to statistics by Statista, Thailand is home to 5.65 million NFT holders, with Vietnam at 2.19 million, and Indonesia at 1.25 million, ranking 1st, 5th, and 8th in the world respectively.

These favorable conditions have provided a boost to Southeast Asia’s nascent web3 startup ecosystem, attracting a steady inflow of international funds and driving the active deployment of Web3 giants across the region. According to a report by White Star Capital, there are currently 627 web3 startups headquartered in Southeast Asia. During the first half of 2022, Southeast Asian web3 startups have attracted US$979 million in investment allocations, with this year’s investment total on pace to surpass 2021’s US$1.45 billion. 

Despite a tepid fundraising environment, the first half of 2022 saw a number of notable web3 financings throughout the region. For example, Indonesia’s leading cryptocurrency exchange, Pintu, completed a US$113 million Series B round of financing, with total app downloads exceeding four million; Indonesia’s Pluang, which offers cryptocurrency investment services, added an additional US$55 million their Series B, bringing the total round size to US$110 million, and now boasting 3.5 million users. Meanwhile, Vietnam’s Axie Infinity became the first NFT series with sales exceeding US$4 billion; BreederDAO, an NFT asset production platform in the Philippines, closed US$10 million in Series A financing, led by a16z and Delphi Digital, which also marked a16z’s second web3 investment in the Philippines after Yield Guild Games (YGG) in August 2021; and Philippines cryptocurrency exchange PDAX completed a US$50 million Series B financing. Global players have also zeroed in on Greater Southeast Asia—Circle, the issuer of stablecoin USDC, acquired CYBAVO, a Taiwanese company specializing in cryptocurrency private key management security solutions; while Binance Labs announced a strategic investment in Vietnam’s DeFi platform Coin98.

As the high tide of the capital market receded, tourists watching the excitement from the shore and competitors wading without bathing suits retreated from the waters. For founders who really want to make a dent in the universe, the current market is in fact the best time to start a web3 project. American writer Mark Twain famously said: “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.” In the history of technological development, many great companies were born or came into prominence during bear cycles, for example, Amazon and Google after the .com bubble burst in 2000; Facebook after the 2008 financial crisis; and Tesla after the 2018 debt crisis. For web3 founders, a bear cycle is the BUIDL cycle. When the next wave of mass adoption comes, Greater Southeast Asia will be a must-win market for determined web3 founders.

Appendix: Notable Web3 Founders in Greater Southeast Asia

web3.GSEA Snapshot 22H1 is brought to you by AppWorks. For any comments for the author, please contact us at [email protected]

If you’re a founder working on web3 / DAO, AI / IoT, or Southeast Asia, you’ve come to the right place! Applications for AppWorks Accelerator

web3.GSEA Snapshot 22H1:現在,正是優秀創業者的最佳時機

原始檔案下載:web3.GSEA Snapshot 22H1

Antony Lee, Communications Master (李欣岳 / 媒體公關總監)

負責媒體與社群溝通相關輔導。加入 AppWorks 前有 18 年媒體經驗,是台灣第一批主跑網路產業的記者,先後任職《數位時代》副總編輯、《Cheers 快樂工作人》資深主編、SmartM 網站總編輯。畢業於交大管科系,長期關注媒體產業變化,熱愛閱讀商業與科技趨勢、企業與人物故事,樂於與人交流分享,期許自己當個「Internet 傳教士」。

回顧 2022 年上半年,隨著總體經濟進入升息循環,資本市場邁入熊市,使得幣市也跟著進入寒冬。儘管資本市場波動劇烈,但真有決心與實力的創業者、開發者並沒有停下腳步,在他們的努力下,我們看到 Web3 生態系仍持續蓬勃發展。放眼長期,寒冬必將過去,Web3 仍是未來 10 到 20 年內最巨大的典範轉移之一,而大東南亞 (東協 + 台灣) 則是最值得樂觀期待的地區之一。現在,就是優秀創業者深耕的最佳時機。

對於 Web3 長期展望樂觀,並相信現在是 Web3 創業的好時機,來自我們過往的實證經驗。AppWorks 自 2009 年成立,2010 年啟動每年兩屆的 AppWorks Accelerator 後,至今已建立起擁有 457 家活躍新創、1,448 位創業者的新創生態系及創業者社群,AppWorks Accelerator 在 2018 年開始聚焦招募來自 Web3 領域的新創,並在 2018 年啟動的 AppWorks Fund III,投資深具成長潛力的 Web3 新創,目前,AppWorks 整體生態系已有超過五分之一共 93 家活躍新創,以及 181 位創業者來自 Web3 領域。

在 AppWorks 的 Web3 生態系以及投資案中,有許多表現優異的新創,便是在 2018、2019 年上一波 Web3 熊市週期時創立與佈局。例如,成立於 2018 年的 Dapper Labs,隨後陸續推出 Flow 公鏈,以及打造 NBA Top Shot 成為 NFT 最成功的應用之一,並迎來 2021 年的 NFT Summer,儘管今年上半年大環境逆風,Flow 鏈上的交易量活躍帳戶,在 6 月仍創下歷史新高。Animoca Brands 則在 2018 年併購 The Sandbox,並著手開發出區塊鏈版本,讓 The Sandbox 隨後成為經典的區塊鏈遊戲之一。

和上一波熊市相比,這次最明顯的不同,就是用戶與創新應用仍在快速成長。在 DeFi、NFT與 DAO 這幾個我們看好的垂直領域中,可發現正在將區塊鏈技術去中心化、無需許可 (Permissionless)、無需既有信任基礎 (Trustless) 以及透明化的特質,更加落實於人們的日常生活。根據 Messari 統計,DeFi 是加密貨幣領域中規模最大的應用,在今年 4 月整體規模 (不包含穩定幣) 約為 700 億美元,佔 Layer 1 Token 的 10%全球 NFT 二級交易 (Secondary Sales) 則在今年第一季首度突破 100 億美元鎖定在 DAO 中的資產,在今年四月達到 110 億美元,其中 60% 鎖定在前 15 大的 DAOs 中


相較於全球,東南亞在 Web3 用戶與創新應用的成長力道上,具備更好的基礎。東南亞擁有近 7 億人口,其中,有 4.4 億網路活躍用戶,自 Covid-19 爆發以來,另外增加了 6,000 萬用戶,東南亞也是全球最年輕、最具活力,最積極擁抱數位應用的地區,人口年齡中位數為 30 歲,人均 GDP 成長率是全球平均的 4 倍,預估整體數位經濟產值,將在 2030 年達到 1 兆美元

另一個看好 Web3 在東南亞發展的原因,則是後發經濟體將呈現蛙跳式成長 (Leapfrogging) 的特色。在東南亞近 7 億人口的大市場中,超過 70% 的民眾缺乏銀行服務 (Underbanked) 或無銀行帳號 (Unbanked),這樣的條件,為 DeFi、加密貨幣投資或資產管理提供了絕佳的發展條件,在提供給大眾的金融服務上,用戶將很輕易跳過傳統銀行直接進入 Web3。

截至目前的發展,也證明東南亞在發展 Web3 中各種面向消費者的應用上,展現出成長潛力。根據 Chainalysis 2021 Global Crypto Adoption Index 報告,越南、泰國、菲律賓在加密貨幣接受度指數上,分別位居全球第 1、12、15 名;若以 Crypto 持有者佔總人口比例來看,根據 TripleA 統計,越南的 20.27%、泰國的 6.47%、菲律賓的 6.13%、新加坡的 4.92%、印尼的 4.45%,分別位居全球第 1、12、14、18、20 名的前段班。在 NFT 的應用發展上,東南亞也居於領先地位,根據 Statista 統計,泰國擁有 565 萬名用戶、越南 219 萬名、印尼 125 萬名,分別位居全球第 1、5、8 名。

諸多有利的發展條件,讓東南亞的 Web3 新創生態系發展蓬勃,也讓國際資金持續湧入、Web3 巨頭積極插旗佈局。根據 White Star Capital 統計,目前共有 627 家總部設立於東南亞的 Web3 新創,2022 年至今,創投累計投資 9.79 億美元,2022 年有望超過 2021 全年的 14.5 億美元。

儘管現在正是資本市場寒冬之際,但 2022 年上半年大東南亞 Web3 新創生態系中,仍寫下多項重要里程碑。例如,印尼領先的加密貨幣交易所 Pintu,完成 1.13 億美元的 B 輪融資,App 下載次數突破 400 萬次;印尼提供加密貨幣投資 App 的 Pluang,完成 5,500 萬美元的 B 輪後續 (Follow-on) 融資,使得 B 輪融資總金額達 1.1 億美元,印尼用戶數突破 350 萬;越南 Axie Infinity 成為首個銷售額突破 40 億美元的 NFT 系列;菲律賓 NFT 資產製作平台 BreederDAO,完成 1,000 萬美元 A 輪融資,由 a16z 與 Delphi Digital 領投,這也是 a16z 繼 2021 年 8 月投資 Yield Guild Games (YGG) 之後,在菲律賓的第二個 Web3 投資案;菲律賓加密貨幣交易所 PDAX 完成 5,000 萬美元 B 輪融資;美元穩定幣 USDC 發行商 Circle,併購台灣專攻加密貨幣私鑰管理安全方案的 CYBAVO;Binance Labs 宣布策略投資越南 DeFi 平台 Coin98 (金額未公布)。

當資本市場的潮水退去,看熱鬧的觀光客、沒穿泳褲的競爭對手會退場,對真心想顛覆世界的優秀創業者,這個時期,才是最好的創業時機。美國文學家馬克・吐溫有句名言:「歷史不會重演,但經常會相似。」(History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.) 在過往的科技發展歷史中,許多偉大的公司,就是誕生或崛起在資金派對結束之後,例如,2000 年 .com 泡沫破裂之後的 Amazon、Google,2008 年金融海嘯之後的 Facebook,或是 2018 年美元 / 美債危機之後的 Tesla。對 Web3 的創業者來說,現在正是 BUIDL 的時候,當下一波 Web3 再度崛起、為人們帶來更深遠的影響之際,大東南亞則將是不容創業者錯過的市場。

附錄:大東南亞各市場中值得關注的 Web3 創業者

web3.GSEA Snapshot 22H1 由 AppWorks 製作,有任何指教與建議,請 email 至 [email protected]

【歡迎 Web3 / DAO、AI / IoT 以及目標 Southeast Asia 的創業者,加入 AppWorks Accelerator

AppWorks Demo Day #24 與 Wistron Demo Day #2 聯合登場,20 支新創團隊展現加速成果

廣受各界期待、由 AppWorks (之初加速器) 主辦的 AppWorks Demo Day #24 + Wistron Demo Day #2,在今日 (7/14) 於台北正式登場,有 13 支來自 AppWorks Accelerator #24、7 支來自 Wistron Accelerator #2,共 20 支新創團隊輪番登場,展現過去 4 個多月的加速成果。

過往 12 年以來,每年舉辦兩次的 AppWorks Demo Day,已成為大東南亞 (東協 + 台灣) 新創圈的盛事之一。舉辦的主要目的,在於為每屆的 AppWorks Accelerator / Wistron Accelerator 團隊提供舞台,並促進新創社群的國際交流、投資、商務媒合,以及創造更多的可能性。受到疫情影響,AppWorks Accelerator #24 採取線下線上混合模式,讓不管是台灣或國際新創,能持續面向目標市場,呈現他們的產品、商業模式以及創業成果。除了今日登場的台灣實體版本,主要展示目標台灣市場的新創,AppWorks 另外在 6 月底,已舉辦國際線上版本,展示以國際市場為目標的新創。

本次 Demo Day 實體版,改為邀請制進行入場人數控管。AppWorks 總共邀請超過 300 位來自創投、企業領袖、企業創投、成功新創、媒體以及其他相關單位的代表蒞臨,與處在創新最前緣的創業者進行第一手交流,持續為大東南亞地區的創業生態系挹注能量、創造蓬勃發展。 

AppWorks 自 2010 年啟動第一屆創業加速器以來,就持續積極與各方合作,累積更大的影響力,為創業者打造最佳的協助平台。AppWorks 董事長暨合夥人林之晨指出:「AppWorks 的北極星一直沒有改變,透過幫助優秀的創業者,掌握巨型典範轉移所帶來的顛覆機會,我們努力最大化對台灣以及整個大東南亞區,乃至於 Web3 世界的影響。儘管近期市場波盪,我們仍持續看好三大板塊位移,也就是 AI、Blockchain、Southeast Asia (ABS) 長期所能帶來的改變。以 Web3 為例,歷經數次的牛市、熊市循環,區塊鏈產業與幾年前相比,基礎建設已經成熟許多,公鏈、錢包等工具普及,也累積更多使用者。進入緊縮週期,競爭減少、市場秩序提升,創業者可以更專心嘗試,找到更強的 Product Market Fit,在涵蓋 NFT / GameFi / DAO 等細分領域,將區塊鏈去中心化、無需許可 (Permissionless)、無需既有信任基礎 (Trustless) 以及透明化的特質,更落實於人們的日常生活。」

AppWorks 董事長暨合夥人林之晨

AppWorks Accelerator #24 共 13 支團隊登場

從加入 AppWorks Accelerator #24 的新創團隊身上,可看出 AppWorks Accelerator 持續吸引越來越多國際優秀創業團隊參加,繼續引領大東南亞地區創業生態前進。今年 3 月開始加速的 AppWorks Accelerator #24,共招募 24 支新創,其中包括 12 組 Web3 團隊、12 組 AI / IoT 團隊、7 組國際團隊。這些新創由 51 位創業者組成,分別來自 12 個市場,橫跨台灣、印尼、新加坡、泰國、香港及美國等,其中更有將近一半為連續創業者。

這次 13 支登場的 AppWorks Accelerator #24 新創團隊,簡介如下:

1. BitShine 幣想: 法幣與加密貨幣交易服務平台

2. Aibou: 中小企業員工數據管理與決策分析

3. Labfront: All-in-one 個人健康數據管理與分析服務

4. Blueberry Tech 藍莓系統: 提供零售業者商務聚合器 App

5. Protico: Web3 通訊工具

6. PaperPlane by FlyingClub: 發行全球酒吧通行證 NFT

7. LINGBO: 燃氣瓦斯智慧管理與配送平台

8. Formosa Art Bank DAO (FAB DAO): 公益 NFT 去中心化組織

9. PreTeeth AI: 牙醫診療 AI 輔助軟體

10. RemoteNC: On-demand CNC (Computer Numerical Control) 加工製造平台

11. ZTO: Web3 社群媒體

12. Storius: 語音步行導覽與景點資訊分享 App

13. Alphalytics: Web3 鏈上數據聚合器與分析

Wistron Accelerator #2 共 7 支團隊登場


繼 AppWorks Accelerator #24 團隊之後,另一個重頭戲是 Wistron Accelerator #2 團隊登場。 Wistron Accelerator #2 共招募 7 支團隊,分別來自台灣、美國、印度、香港等四個市場。緯創資通身為全球 ICT 產業的領導廠商之一,近幾年在強化研發、提升技術創新、多元化產品開發、建立新技術產業鏈以及創新平台、前瞻性投資等策略上,展現出傑出成果,也使得 Wistron Accelerator 不僅廣受外界關注,更成為台灣大企業與新創策略合作的指標。 

緯創與 AppWorks 從 2014 年開始合作,是 AppWorks Fund II、Fund III 的主要股東之一,之後也陸續投資了 MoBagel (AW#16)、ANIWARE (AW#17) 與 LucidPix (AW#18) 等自 AppWorks Accelerator 畢業的新創校友,雙方有長期的策略合作關係與默契,並在 2021 年 9 月首度啓動緯創垂直加速器,由 AppWorks 提供營運等核心業務。緯創加速器每年限額招募兩屆,第一、二屆共有 12 家新創獲選加入。

緯創資通董事長林憲銘指出:「成立緯創加速器,最重視的是期待在科技與創新上,為產業與社會創造更深遠的正面影響,而不是短期的效益。」由於透過創新或創業,持續成長為一個成熟的商業模式或事業,往往是一個長期且不斷優化調整的過程,因此,在目前規劃上,緯創加速器是一個 3+3、為期 6 年的計畫,第一個三年,將廣泛在各個垂直領域的 PoC  (Proof of Concept) 上,與加入的新創展開合作,第二個三年,則將視前一階段的成果,與新創開展更深度的合作,或是繼續擴大緯創加速器的規模。

Wistron Accelerator #3 正在招募中,開放 AI、物聯網、雲端、資安、教育與醫療新創申請,並將從 9 月起開始加速。過去一年來,在緯創由上至下、由內而外的推動與努力下,Wistron Accelerator #3 將聯合緯創及其集團旗下緯創醫學、緯謙、緯育,以及啟碁、緯穎等公司共同參與,與新創探索各種合作機會,由各公司副總經理以上的高階主管親自參與,除了擔任 Mentors,提供入選 Wistron Accelerator #3 的創業者在個人經驗、產業洞察、事業經營的交流外,也將提供入選新創進行 PoC 實驗,加速商業模式成長的場域。

這次 7 支登場的 Wistron Accelerator #2 的新創團隊,簡介如下:

1. Blutech 博世科智能: 遠距無線 Sensor 數據管理系統

2. Additive Intelligence: 金屬 3D 列印 AI 軟體

3. Lumina: 4K AI 網路攝影機

4. Niflr: 零售業自動化結帳解決方案

5. StormEye: 網絡安全事件監控與報告工具

6.  iCHASE: 家禽健康管理 AI 系統

7. 岩生築見: 農畜業微型生產網絡

萬達寵物 X 毛孩市集對談:大企業併購新創,加速數位轉型

萬達寵物執行長李俊廣 (右二起) 與毛孩市集三位共同創辦人廖若君、陳俊頴、蘇晏良分享萬達寵物透過併購毛孩市集完成數位轉型的經驗

除了 20 支新創輪番登台外,本屆 Demo Day 另一個亮點,則是安排大企業與新創的對談,期望在大企業如何與新創展開合作這個面向上,為外界帶來更多參考與啟發,由萬達寵物執行長李俊廣,以及毛孩市集 (AW#3) 三位共同創辦人蘇晏良、廖若君、陳俊頴同台分享經驗。原本以經營寵物公園實體店面為主的萬達,在 2019 年 6 月,併購以電商為主要經營型態的毛孩市集,由李俊廣從內部提供由上而下的支持與穿針引線,開啟萬達快速數位轉型的腳步,3 年來,來自線上的營收每年成長 200% 以上,佔整體營收比例已超過 15%,並在繳出成長強勁的成績後,萬達已啟動上櫃計畫。

李俊廣指出:「零售商若沒有數位化營運、數據化管理的能力,現在幾乎沒有贏的機會。毛孩在新創人力與資金都相對侷限下,不僅做好銷售這一層,更在技術、數據分析、自建倉儲、系統開發等面向上,都有從 0 到 1 的完整經驗,為萬達補上了最期待的數位 DNA。」蘇晏良指出:「願意接受萬達併購,是因為也想從電商跨入 OMO,希望有強力的夥伴支持,一起快速升級打魔王,Ryan (李俊廣) 為我們提供最大的嘗試空間,將線上與線下的 Know-how、人才、供應鏈進行整合。」在李俊廣的大力支持下,併購後,蘇晏良也同時擔任萬達寵物技術長,負責打通 OMO 技術上的各個環節。

AppWorks 生態系持續加速成長

隨著 AppWorks Accelerator #24 加入,AppWorks Accelerator 所打造的新創生態系與創業者社群,飛輪正不斷加速轉動,為大東南亞地區的經濟發展帶來實質貢獻。具體成績包括:活躍新創累積至 457 家、共 1,448 位創業者,所有新創的加總年營業額來到 175 億美元 (約為 5,214 億新台幣),較去年同期成長 36%,全體提供就業數 21,353 位,年增 15%,生態系累積募資金額來到 54 億美元 (約為 1,609 億新台幣),年增率達 25%,總價值達到 326 億美元 (約為 9,713 億新台幣),較去年此時大幅增加 87%。

原檔下載:State of The AppWorks Ecosystem (July 2022)

同時,Web3 產業的崛起速度遠勝以往,AppWorks Accelerator 自從 2018 年開始積極招募來自 Web3 領域的新創,目前,整體生態系已有超過五分之一共 93 家活躍新創,以及 181 位創業者來自 Web3 領域。AppWorks Accelerator #25 正在招募中,限定招募拓展 Web3 / DAO、AI / IoT 領域,以及目標東南亞市場的創業者,入選團隊將自 9 月開始加速。

關於 AppWorks 之初加速器集團

2009 年成立,由「創業者」為「創業者」設立的加速器,以及基於加速器發展的新創社群與創投機構,致力在大東南亞地區協助下世代的創業者,抓住數位革命的成長機會。正如同 Mobile Internet 帶來了巨變,我們相信 ABS – AI、Blockchain 與 Southeast Asia 是今日的三大典範轉移。我們認為,創造一個偉大事業的過程中,團隊是主角,而投資人則是配角,我們專注扮演配角,從種子時期開始支持有想法的團隊,一路陪著他們打造區域級、世界級的偉大企業。AppWorks 目前共提供 Accelerator、Funds 與 School 等三項主要服務。更多資訊

關於 AppWorks Accelerator 之初加速器

2010 年成立,每半年嚴選本區域最具潛力的新創團隊進駐。輔導新創團隊尋找 Product-Market Fit、幫助成長期團隊建立 Sustainable / Scalable Business Models。成立以來,從 AppWorks Accelerator 畢業的活躍新創已達 457 家、1,448 位創業者。過去一年來,AppWorks Ecosystem 大幅成長,所有企業加總營業額達 175 億美元,年增 36%,提供就業數 21,353 位,年增 15%;生態系累積募資金額達 54 億美元,年增 25%,總價值則達到 326 億美元,年成長達 87%。更多資訊 

關於 AppWorks Funds 之初創投基金

AppWorks 管理三支創投基金總共募集 2.12 億美元,我們與認同我們理念的投資人合作,其中包括在科技製造、金融、媒體等業界領先的龍頭企業。我們通常投資種子輪至 C 輪的新創,每年進行 20 個投資案,目前為止已投資超過 80 家新創,其中許多在其垂直居於領先地位,如:Lalamove、Dapper Labs / Flow、Animoca Brands、91APP、Figment、Carousell、ShopBack、Tiki、17LIVE、KKday 等。此外,並已有 5 個 IPO 案 (Uber、隆中網絡、創業家兄弟、松果購物、91APP)、4 個 IEO 案,以及 1 隻百角獸 ( Hectocorn)、2 隻十角獸 (Decacorn) 與 5 隻獨角獸 (Unicorn) 。更多資訊

關於 AppWorks School 之初學校

AppWorks School 成立於 2016 年,致力協助渴望投身數位、網路與電商產業的人才,提供免費、實作、高效、與業界結合的紮實培訓計畫。成立至今,已培訓超過 500 位學員,其中 90% 投身於網路界,在 momo、91APP、KKBOX、Line TV、WeMo Scooter、Line Taxi、Hahow、VoiceTube、OmniChat 與 Gogoro 等知名新創與科技公司擔任軟體工程師。現經營有 iOS、Android、Front-End、Back-End 與 Blockchain 等課程專班、校園培訓計畫以及軟體工程師進修班。更多資訊

【歡迎 Web3 / DAO、AI / IoT 以及目標 Southeast Asia 的創業者,加入 AppWorks Accelerator;也歡迎 AI、物聯網、雲端、資安、教育與醫療科技的,加入 Wistron Accelerator

Introductions to the Startups Pitching on AppWorks Accelerator #24 + Wistron Accelerator #2 Demo Day

AppWorks’ highly anticipated Demo Day brings the best of both AppWorks Accelerator #24 and Wistron Accelerator #2.This particular demo day will feature 20 (13 + 7) startups, with many in the web3 / NFT space to give you a glimpse into the innovative application of blockchain technology and the decentralized future. At the same time, many teams from the AI / IoT field are utilizing frontier technologies to transform our business and life. Among these rising stars, we’ll also have international teams joining us from Hong Kong, the US, and India.

This past half year, AppWorks Accelerator recruited 24 teams across AW#24, of which 12 are focusing on web3 specifically. There are 51 founders in total who span across 12 different markets including Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, the US, etc., and almost half of which are serial entrepreneurs.

We’re also pleased to introduce Wistron Accelerator #2. Over the past year, AppWorks has been working with Wistron, one of the world’s leading ICT manufacturers, to identify and cultivate startups that can help the organization charter new avenues of growth over the next decade, whether that’s through technology partnerships or PoCs.

You can find a brief introduction to each pitching team and founder below:

AppWorks Accelerator #24

1. BitShine 幣想: Fiat on-ramp and off-ramp for companies

Claire Chen | [email protected] |

2. Aibou: Helping SMEs grow with staff management automation and data insights that matter

Bouchen Kuo | [email protected] |

3. Labfront: All-in-one research solution for real-world data capture 

Jordan Masys | [email protected] |

4. Blueberry Tech 藍莓系統: Slack for retailers

Eric Lin | [email protected] |

5. Protico: Web3 chatting network

Howie Young | [email protected] | Protico | Web3 Chats

6. PaperPlane by FlyingClub: NFT with IRL drinking utility 

Larry Tu | [email protected] |

7. LINGBO: Gas energy pre-delivery mode 

Matt Lai | [email protected] |

8. Formosa Art Bank DAO (FAB DAO): Non-profit activists DAO service

Wen-Chun Huang | [email protected] |

9. PreTeeth AI: An AI tool for dental consultation

Bill Chou | [email protected] |

10. RemoteNC: On-demand manufacturing platform

Alex Mei | [email protected] |

11. ZTO: Web3 social media

Lenny Fan | [email protected] |

12. Storius: Geotagged audio sharing app

Freddy Law | [email protected] |

13. Alphalytics: On-chain data aggregator with actionable insights

LC Young | [email protected] |

Wistron Accelerator #2

1. Blutech 博世科智能: Long range wireless sensor data management system

Han Kuo | [email protected] |

2. Additive Intelligence: AI process improvement software for metal 3D printing

Michael Galvez | [email protected] |

3. Lumina: Look great on every call with Lumina’s 4K AI webcam

Mike Xia | [email protected] |

4. Niflr: Autonomous checkout technology platform for retail

Ankur Sharma | [email protected] |

5. StormEye: Cybersecurity event monitoring and reporting tool 

Marco Lam | [email protected] |

6. iCHASE: AI poultry physiological monitoring and disease prevention

Aidan Chang | [email protected] |

7. 岩生築見: Economy development design for social purpose / Ingredients customize service and supply chain management

YK Chiang | [email protected] |

If you are an investor or corporate representative and need more detailed information about the teams or want to connect with AppWorks Accelerator #24 or Wistron Accelerator #2 founders, please email us at [email protected].

We welcome all web3 / DAO, AI / IoT, or Southeast Asia founders to join AppWorks Accelerator #25.

We welcome all AI, IoT, cloud, cybersecurity, EduTech, and MedTech founders to join Wistron Accelerator #3.