Docosan Raises over $1 Million in Record Round for Vietnam Health Tech

Docosan, a Ho Chi Minh City health tech startup which is getting Vietnam’s digitally savvy masses to skip crowded waiting rooms by booking doctors on its mobile app, has raised over $1 million in one of Vietnam’s largest health tech seed rounds ever.

The oversubscribed round was led by top Taiwanese tech venture capital firm AppWorks, one of the most active early-stage investors in the region and whose prior investments include Lalamove, Carousell, ShopBack, and KKday. The round was joined by biotech entrepreneur David Ma and Singapore-based investors Huat Ventures. 

“Docosan is bringing the digital revolution to healthcare in Vietnam thanks to its determined team and innovative platform,” said AppWorks partner Andy Tsai. “We noticed Docosan’s potential early on because of its participation in the AppWorks Accelerator. Docosan Founders demonstrated strong experience and dedication to the healthcare issues in the region. We are proud to be supporting Docosan’s vision of better healthcare access for all.“

In less than a year of operations, Docosan has helped over 50,000 patients discover and book appointments with hundreds of vetted doctors across 35 specialties. Docosan’s CEO and co-founder Beth Ann Lopez chalked up the rapid growth to vast untapped demand for a convenient and intuitive way to find the top healthcare options.

“It’s so easy to use your smartphone to order a banh mi or a motorbike taxi but finding the right doctor is still a frustrating experience for many. Many rely on word of mouth recommendations from family members and sit for hours in crowded waiting rooms hoping for an appointment instead of booking in advance,” Lopez said. “Docosan’s mobile platform, which includes transparent pricing information, verified customer reviews, and 24/7 booking, makes finding the right doctor as easy an opening our app.” 

Docosan’s platform works by allowing patients to book and filter doctors based on price, location, specialty, reviews, and more. Key to the platform’s success has been quick adoption by the many healthcare providers who struggle to expand their customer base and manage appointments.

“Many clinics are frustrated after spending large amounts on social media marketing because these networks’ vast, opaque user bases are difficult to harness to reach new patients. Docosan gives providers a far better, more tailored user base to expand,” Lopez said. “Meanwhile, Docosan’s proprietary booking software provides doctors an easier way to manage bookings compared to the crowded waiting rooms, which people are increasingly wary of amid the pandemic.”

Docosan has already integrated e-payments and insurance into its platform, with future plans to add telehealth and pharmacy services. The startup’s ambitious vision has been featured in the British Medical Journal and

“Southeast Asia has been transformed by mass smartphone adoption and the rise of tech platforms, but in many places healthcare has yet to catch up with this trend. We’re very excited to make this happen thanks to our investors,” Lopez said.

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Yummy Corp Raises $12M in Series B Funding Amidst Global Recession

Yummy Corp, the largest cloud kitchen management company in Indonesia, today announced the company has raised US $12 million in their series B funding. The round was led by SoftBank Ventures Asia with the participation of Hongkong-based Vectr Ventures, AppWorks, Quest Ventures, Coca Cola Amatil X, Palm Drive Capital, as well as existing investors Intudo Ventures and Sovereign’s Capital. Previous investors include Sinarmas Digital Ventures (SMDV) and East Ventures.

Yummy Corp’s cloud kitchen business, Yummykitchen, is the only cloud kitchen service in Indonesia that positions itself as a full-service operator, where Yummykitchen not only rents out shared kitchen space, but also carries out operational procedures on behalf of their partner brands to help brands to accelerate their expansion and reach wider consumers.

Harris Yang from SoftBank Ventures Asia states, “Buoyed by the fast-growing food delivery market in Indonesia, Yummy has become the largest cloud kitchen management player in Indonesia. Given the Company’s strong expertise in the F&B industry and unique value proposition to brands, we believe that Yummy will continue to be the leader in this space. We are excited to support the team and help them scale their business in this emerging sector.”

Yummykitchen, launched in June 2019, now operates the largest cloud kitchen network in the Indonesian market. The company has a footprint of over 70 kitchens across Jakarta, Bandung, and Medan, and works in partnership with more than 50 food and beverage (F&B) brands, including veteran players Ismaya Group and Sour Sally Group, as well as emerging brands such as Padang Merdeka, Dailybox, and Hong Tang.

The year 2020 has been a relatively difficult year for many industries in Indonesia. Various restrictions placed in the effort to suppress the growth of pandemic cases have had many impacts across different sectors, including F&B. However, some F&B businesses — especially those who have focused on digital channels – have actually shown a positive increase.

Mario Suntanu, CEO of Yummy Corp states, “We have seen unprecedented growth for Yummykitchen. With this funding, we will focus on our mission to take an active role in helping the F&B industry grow their delivery business, especially during this pandemic. We invite all F&B entrepreneurs, both large and small, to partner with us, so that together we not only survive this pandemic, but can also expand rapidly.” Yummy Corp has always emphasized the importance of food safety and hygiene, as evidenced by their HACCP-certified facilities and processes. By extending this operational standard across their kitchens, Yummykitchen aims to provide a food delivery experience that’s guaranteed to be easy and safe for customers on their favorite food delivery platform.

About Yummy Corp

Yummy Corp is a cloud kitchen and online catering company, focused on using the latest technology to develop innovative solutions for corporates and F&B brands. The company has served over 5 million meals since its founding in 2017 and is now the largest cloud kitchen operator in Indonesia with over 70+ kitchens serving more than 50+ brand partners to manage their daily F&B operations.

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Beam 募資獲得 2600 萬美元的 A 輪融資

Beam 身為亞太地區領先的新生代共享個人移動載具的租賃業者,宣布該公司已募集了 2,600 萬美元的 A 輪融資。該輪融資由 Sequoia India 與韓國的 Hana Ventures 帶頭,並有著心元資本(Cherubic)與台灣的之初創投(AppWorks)的參與。

與既定的無樁架式、隨處可停放個人移動載具的模型相比,Beam 展望能為各人移動行業開闢一條新的道路。Beam 認為,個人出行行業的未來在於用尖端科技,在城市的運營範圍內創造出虛擬停車系統,並激勵用戶把載具環到設置的停車位。在無需動土搭樁架的情況下,同時正面的規劃共享出行載具的使用行為。

Beam 創辦人和 CEO Alan Jiang(蔣松叡)表示:「投資者對於 Beam 獨特的『虛擬停車理念』充滿信心,且持續的在這國際經貿環境不確定的形勢下提供支持,為此,我們深感謝意。我展望 Beam 的新創科技,有效地降低個人出行載具隨處亂停放的現象,提高載具的保有率,改善在城市運營的規劃。期盼在沒有負面的觀點下,為民眾和社區帶來更多好處。」。

AppWorks 之初創投合夥人 Jessica Liu(劉侊縈)指出:「Beam 團隊出色的執行能力為我們留下了深刻的印象。他們對於提供優異的用戶體驗和卓越的技術執著,特別是以安全為主的理念、成功且持續性的推動亞太地區市場迅速發展。展望未來,我們相信 Beam 團隊已具備優勢條件,為台灣和整個亞太地區的上百萬名出行者重新定義短程間的出行體驗。」。

Beam 的另一位共同創辦人和 CTO Deb Gangopadhyay 補充:「對於任何新創科技的成功,取決於大眾的接受程度。綠色代步共享運具為城市帶來的好處雖然眾所周知,但是因未解決無樁架式所造成的凌亂現象,許多城市和市民對這項新創科技略微排斥。Beam 既要提供用戶出行的便利,又要顧及到城市美觀的考量,因而努力的投入科技研發,提供兩全其美的辦法。我們根據這項洞察來規劃我們的營運和產品設計,這是我們與其他業者眾不同之處。」。

此外,Beam 將使用新資金來擴展業務,為韓國、澳洲、紐西蘭、馬來西亞、台灣等地培育出亞太區最強大、先進的電動代步載具團隊,加速地把 Beam Saturn,Beam 最先進的第三代電動滑板車,推出至所有市場。

Beam Saturn 是亞太地區所經過最嚴格測試與最安全的共享電動滑板車。Beam Saturn 具備可拆卸的電池、創新的航太級鋁框、25 公分無內胎安全輪胎、高抓地力後輪驅動與雙機械式與電子煞車系統。

Beam 的安全理念,在電動代步載具行業裡已經是首屈一指。Beam 也將持續強化其「Beam 安全學院」計畫,導入一系列在線上的培訓工具,並進一步拓展亞太地區唯一的實體世界電動滑板車訓練課程。

Beam 為亞太地區唯一獲得「氣候中和認證」的電動滑板車營運商。Beam與氣候中和組織合作,測量了其2019年的碳排放量,並透過投資於防止碳排放的項目如可再生能源,或透過清除大氣中的碳如種植樹木來沖銷其全部的碳足跡。如同 Beam 所承諾的,將持續在今年與其後大幅減少碳排放量。

有鑑於 Covid-19 新冠肺炎的持續發展,Beam 已採取嚴格的清潔與操作規範,以限縮病毒傳播的可能性。從社區對於 Covid-19 新冠肺炎的反應來看,開放式的共享運具如電動滑板車,仍然是安全且可負擔的交通工具選項。


懷抱著發展新型態運輸方式的熱情,Beam 正改變城市中的移動方式,並優化民眾、商品、服務的運輸方式,以改善城市與所有人的生活方式。

Beam 致力於透過更好的第一與最後一哩路的連結,並提供短距離運輸解決方案,來改善城市中的連結性。首先是電動摩托車分享平台,該平台已經服務於澳洲、馬來西亞、紐西蘭、與南韓。

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Beam Secures US$26 Million in Series A Funding for Asia Pacific Expansion

Beam, Asia-Pacific’s leading micromobility operator, announced that it has raised a Series A funding round of US$26 million. The round was led by Sequoia India and Hana Ventures with participation by Cherubic and AppWorks.

Beam is forging a new path for micromobility in contrast to the established dockless model that allows scooters to be parked anywhere on city streets.  For Beam, the future is docked. Having a “virtual docked” model that ensures riders have to park in predetermined parking spots by being incentivised through the Beam mobile app. 

“We’re grateful to our incredibly supportive investors who believe in our unique ‘virtual dock’ approach to micromobility and continue to support us through a very uncertain macroeconomic environment. I’m really excited about our new technology and its ability to reduce the problems associated with randomly scattered scooters around a city. This helps us to further improve our industry-leading vehicle retention rates, reduce operational costs, and most importantly, benefits communities by keeping city streets neater” said Beam Co-Founder and CEO Alan Jiang.

As the Beam footprint grows the operational and engineering focus will continue to be on city amenity. To do this Beam will be progressively rolling out features that are focused on keeping Beam e-scooters safe for pedestrians when parked on city streets, which also helps to minimize vehicle losses.

“Beam has to work as hard to limit the downsides of e-scooters for non-riders as they do to enhance the upside for riders. The success of any new technology depends on mass acceptance, and the quicker and better we can ensure e-scooters are used and parked where they should be, the more welcoming city residents will be. We have designed our business and our product around that insight, and it is what makes us different,” Deb Gangopadhyay Co-Founder and CTO added.

“We were very impressed with the team’s high calibre of execution. Their rider-centric approach and superior technology have enabled Beam to swiftly deploy e-scooters all across the region in a safe and sustainable manner. Moving forward, we believe the team is well-positioned to completely redefine the micro-mobility experience for millions of riders, across both Taiwan and APAC,” said AppWorks Partner Jessica Liu

In addition, Beam will use the fresh capital to support expansion across all markets with a strong focus on growing APAC’s largest mobility fleet in Korea, Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand, and Taiwan. 

Beam will continue to make the safety of riders and pedestrians its top priority by enhancing its industry-leading “Beam Safe Academy” initiative; introducing a number of online training tools, and further expanding the only real-world e-scooter rider training program in the APAC region.

Beam will also accelerate the introduction of its new third-generation e-scooter, the Beam Saturn, to all markets. Rigorously tested with the highest safety standards,  the Beam Saturn is custom-built for sharing. It features swappable batteries, an innovative aviation-grade aluminium frame, 25-centimeter tubeless safety tyres, high grip rear-wheel drive, and a dual mechanical and electronic braking system.

Beam is the only e-scooter operator from the APAC region to be officially Climate Neutral Certified. Beam worked with Climate Neutral, an independent non-profit organization, to measure its 2019 carbon emissions and offset that entire carbon footprint. To do this, Beam has invested in projects that either prevent carbon from being emitted, like renewable energy or helps to remove carbon from the atmosphere, like planting trees. As part of its commitments, Beam will continue to dramatically reduce its emissions in 2020 and beyond.

In light of the ongoing concern of Covid-19 Beam has implemented stringent cleaning and operations practices to limit the possibility of virus transmission. Shared open-air mobility, like e-scooters, remains a safe affordable transportation option as communities emerge from Covid-19 responses. 

About Beam

Beam is Asia-Pacific’s largest and fastest-growing shared micromobility company and the first micromobility company to use virtual docking to reduce city clutter. We’re on a mission to turn little drives into better rides and make cities flow better for everyone.

Shared micromobility is one of the fastest-growing industries globally, and we are leading the way in Asia-Pacific, with fast-growing operations in Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Taiwan and Malaysia, with many new city launches underway.  

Learn more @

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NBA Stars Join $12M Funding Round for Dapper Labs

・NBA Players Andre Iguodala, Spencer Dinwiddie, JaVale McGee, and Aaron Gordon join Samsung, Coinbase Ventures, and THE A16Z CULTURAL LEADERSHIP FUND in Dapper Labs $12M Investment round for Flow blockchain.

・Dapper Labs’ new funding comes on the heels of the company’s early success with NBA Top Shot, a new flagship application.

・Funds will be used to scale the Flow blockchain and deliver previously announced collaborations with Dr. Seuss, Warner Music, and UFC, among others.

Dapper Labs, the company developing the new Flow blockchain,  announced that it has closed $12M in new funding from investors including NBA players Andre Iguodala (Miami Heat), Spencer Dinwiddie and Garrett Temple (Brooklyn Nets), JaVale McGee (Los Angeles Lakers), and Aaron Gordon (Orlando Magic).

Other new investors in this round include Coinbase Ventures, Distributed Global, Valor Capital Group, A.Capital, BlockTower Capital, Blockchange Ventures, EONXI Ventures, Reed Company, Greenfield One, North Island Ventures, Republic Labs, L1 Digital AG and Pirata Capital.

Existing investors participating include Accomplice, Andreessen Horowitz including their Cultural Leadership Fund, Animoca Brands, AppWorks, Samsung NEXT, Union Square Ventures and Venrock, among others.

“Crypto enables entirely new possibilities for people to create and exchange value on the internet.” said Roham Gharegozlou, founder and CEO of Dapper Labs. “Flow is a new and easy to use blockchain that lowers barriers to entry and lets anyone join this new digital economy. The funding from this round will ensure Flow can scale to the size of projects appealing to fan bases as big as the NBA. Flow lets fans join the economy of their community in a way that wasn’t possible before crypto.”

In conjunction with its new funding, Dapper Labs also announced initial results from its first phase of beta testing for NBA Top Shot, its upcoming flagship title developed for the Flow blockchain. The first 500 players on NBA Top Shot have spent thousands of hours opening packs, trading moments, and completing collections together. NBA Top Shot was designed in partnership with the NBA and NBPA to appeal to mainstream basketball fans’ love of showcasing their knowledge and expressing their fandom. The experience captures the nostalgia of trading cards and the thrill of sneaker trading, but does it within a digital universe.

“Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize consumer ownership on the internet,” said Andre Iguodala, three time NBA champion, tech entrepreneur, and current Miami Heat forward. “Projects like Dapper Labs’ Flow is already driving consumer adoption, with NBA Top Shot proving the experience is not only engaging, but smooth and fan friendly.”

As fans enter into the Top Shot universe, they are instantly immersed into a world where they can discover great plays, open surprise packs of “top shots” or the best plays of the season, show off their epic collections, and trade their assets with their peers to complete sets and win challenges. New invitations to the beta are being released in waves and interested parties may sign up on, and then visit to request early access.

“Blockchain is going to fundamentally alter the financial industry and have a major impact on consumers,” said Spencer Dinwiddie, Point Guard on the Brooklyn Nets and avid blockchain enthusiast. “Flow can create the vehicle for consumers to enter the space through products like NBA Top Shot where they have fun, but at the same time create a new self-sovereignty.”

Over the past few months, Dapper Labs has announced major partnerships with Warner Music Group, Dr. Seuss Entertainment, and UFC, to build new gaming and entertainment experiences on Flow. Besides providing the stability and scalability necessary for blockchain products to support mass market adoption, Flow also provides payment rails for credit cards and cryptocurrency for consumers to use with ease.

For more information about Flow, please visit For more information on how to begin playing NBA Top Shot, please visit

About Dapper Labs

Dapper Labs is the company behind CryptoKitties and the Flow blockchain as well as upcoming titles like NBA Top Shot. Founded in 2018, Dapper Labs uses blockchain technology to bring new forms of digital engagement to fans around the world. Blockchain-enabled applications can bring fans closer with the brands they love, give people a real stake in the communities they contribute to, and create new ways for consumers to become creators themselves. Publicly-announced Dapper Labs partners include the NBA and NBPA, Warner Music Group, Ubisoft, and UFC. Notable investors in Dapper Labs include Andreessen Horowitz, Union Square Ventures, Venrock, Google Ventures, Samsung, and the founders of Dreamworks, Reddit, Coinbase, Zynga, and AngelList, among others. Vist Dapper Labs.

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