An Open World with Natalie Feng Lin

Natalie is an Analyst that joined AppWorks recently. She is working on AppWorks Accelerator and covering Greater Southeast Asia.

Natalie Lin, Analyst (林楓 / 分析師)

Natalie is an Analyst covering AppWorks Accelerator and Greater Southeast Asia. Before joining the team, she worked in the search engine marketing and email marketing teams at Zappos, America’s leading shoes and fashion online retailer, where she primarily focused on KPI management, campaign optimization, and project management. Born in Canada and raised in the Middle East, Natalie returned to Taiwan for high school before moving to the US for college and work. She received her Bachelors of Marketing at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Outside of work she likes to read, travel, and play video games.


“You can’t regret the life you didn’t lead.” —- Junot Diaz

As a video game enthusiast, I love to imagine life as a series of challenges and accomplishments that my character has to go through to level up. The cities I’ve lived in define the stages of my life: born in Vancouver, Canada, grew up in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, experienced middle school in Cairo, Egypt, survived high school in Taipei, Taiwan, evolved in college in Cleveland, Ohio, and adventured in Las Vegas, Nevada before returning to my roots in Taipei. While I can’t quite remember my experiences in Vancouver and Jeddah, some of my favorite childhood memories were from Cairo and some of my closest friends were made in high school and college.

I’m a firm believer that there are millions of paths you can take but ultimately your decisions define you and your life. Like many others, I had a hard time deciding which major to choose in college and eventually I chose marketing because I liked and respected the marketing professors at Case Western Reserve University. After graduating, I was lucky enough to land a marketing internship at, an Amazon subsidiary that also happens to be one of the largest shoe and clothing retailers in the US.

I had a really immersive experience at Zappos and it was a defining moment in my life. I had my fair share of challenges but it was worthwhile and I definitely felt myself “leveling up” during this period. When I started, I was working on product listing ads marketing with my manager, understanding how product feeds worked and how to optimize product ads on search engines. I also participated in a hackathon with a fellow intern and won first place— our idea was centered around personalized search and fashion machine learning.

In April of 2015, our CEO sent out a memo that contained his ideas around a flatter organization, and a severance package for those that weren’t quite ready for the change. My manager, her manager, and the VP of the marketing department decided to move on from the company. In a matter of weeks, I was reporting directly to the COO and in charge of one of the largest marketing channels in the company! This turned out to be one of the most stressful periods of my professional career, but an amazing learning opportunity nonetheless. Once things stabilized, I decided to try my hand at email marketing because I wanted a more holistic understanding of marketing. Aside from the testing and scientific approaches we took, email marketing was vastly different from search engine marketing. I learned to run multiple campaigns a week, coordinate with multiple teams and stakeholders, and learn the ins-and-outs of customer retention efforts.

After 3 stimulating years at Zappos, I realized I wanted to pursue something different, maybe a more technical side of marketing or something entirely new. When I moved back, I heard about AppWorks and thought it aligned perfectly with my personal and professional goals. I managed to land a job as an analyst…level up! Now at AppWorks, I will be focusing on AppWorks Accelerator and learning about VC funding as well as continuing my education in e-commerce. All in all, I’ve been proud of my choices and I’m excited to see what this next adventure will bring.

Brandon 初登場

Brandon Chiang

Brandon (江旻峻) 是近期加入 AppWorks 的 Associate,負責投資相關業務

網路、創業、投資這三個關鍵字,看起來就是我的事業上女神的代表,而 AppWorks 正好就符合女神的條件。但女神總是要因緣際會才有機會碰上,而碰上前總是有很多故事的累積,且聽我娓娓道來。

大學畢業後,告別了數學理 (地) 論 (獄) 之路,唸商學研究所時發現我終於離開火星回到地球了。這時期也是我對於網路、高新技術投資的啟蒙期,我的恩師江炯聰教授從產業標準的建立、電腦網路業各平台間的競爭到私募股權基金一個又一個的 Case Studies,讓我知道一份 Business Plan 中可以從創業家與投資家的角度去看 Business。寫論文時竟然可以朝思暮想,好像身處在幾個網路巨人的旁邊看著他們怎麼下這盤棋,自己也試著想預測這盤棋的走向,暮然回首我才發現,我愛上網路業了 (只差沒一夜白髮而已 XD)。

出社會後從醫療生技業的財務投資出發,到台哥大的通路策略管理,在工作的生涯中還是會注意網路的新趨勢,這時發現 Jamie 的網誌。從 Jamie 的網誌中我又回到那種看局解盤的感覺,而且常會有「Good Point」或是「我也是這麼覺得」的感覺。不管工作崗位怎樣的轉化, Jamie 的網誌也陪伴我許多年,這是一種正面能量,而且幾年下來似乎也慢慢對社會產生了變化。有時我也會試著在我工作的崗位上,也試著傳遞這種正面的力量。有天跟前同事閒聊時發現 AppWorks 正在徵才,這時我就覺得「我的女神單身了,可以追求看看!」。與其單打獨鬥,不如加入系統作戰。

整個面試過程讓我印象最深刻的是 AppWorks 的使命感與熱情,雖然使命感跟熱情不能當飯吃,但我一直記得江炯聰教授跟我說過的一句話「如果一件事情你認為他是對的、有價值的,你就盡全力去做,不用去擔心什麼錢、名聲、地位等,因為如果你做的是適合你而且是對的事情,那些你現在所在意的事情都會自然出現在你身邊」。

我認為為台灣建立一個世界一流的網路產業,這是一件對的事情,就應該好好去做。在變化很快的網路世界中,能跟一群有理念的人往前拓展,我覺得這是很難得的經驗。這也是為何想加入 AppWorks 的緣由。

不知道為什麼, AppWorks 總會讓我想到 ’04 年的活塞隊以及 Coach Brown 的話:

Play hard, play together, play smart and have fun.


TP Reporting for Duty

TP Lin

TP 是近期加入 AppWorks 的 Associate,負責物聯網相關投資


大多數朋友聽到我跑來 AppWorks 上班的第一個反應都是如此。






在新公司 (隆達電子) 當中,我完成了許多的第一次:公司第一個樣品、第一個量產產品、成立第一個研發團隊進入新市場。期間,我歷練老闆說要有光,然後我想辦法把光生出來的研發工程師、研發主管,也當過 PM。短短幾年內看到公司興櫃、上市,也從幾十人到了上千人。

但是待了六年後,總是有個念頭纏繞著我。為什麼每天的工作就是不斷降低成本,而不是增加價值,難不成 LED 只有這樣一條路嗎?於是我決定離開要出去看一看了,跑去中國繞了一圈,在中國最大 LED 廠三安待了一年多。可是每天打開網路,看的都還是台灣的消息。2014 年 3 月的一場運動,讓我下定決心,該回台灣了。

回來,因緣際會的跑來 AppWorks 面試,碰上了Jamie 與 IC,他們說:


我內心激動不已,也回想起我當初問自己的問題。回到家中,想起 Albert Pike 這句名言:

What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.

於是我的人生大轉彎,心中充滿興奮與疑惑,跳上了這班不知會飛往何處的特快火箭,背景音樂是 The Clash by White Riot

Are you taking over
Or are you taking orders?
Are you going backwards
Or are you going forwards?


甦醒的靈魂:This is Jessica


Jessica 劉侊縈是 AppWorks 最新添加的 Associate,負責 AppWorks Accelerator 的規劃與營運。加入 AppWorks 前 ,Jessica 服務於台灣渣打銀行,負責該行全產品線的數位行銷計劃與執行。她畢業於南加大 (USC),主修商管,專注於財務與營運。

AppWorks 創業者: 「所以你之前是做什麼的啊?」
AppWorks 創業者:「!!! 也跳太大了吧…. 怎麼會來 AppWorks 啊?」
我: 「……(語塞)」


用途:AppWorks 創業者與校友的保姆兼商務發展專員 (註:跟一般的 Biz Dev 人員相比,差別是沒有佣金可以賺)

緣起:跟很多人一樣,我是被 Jamie 的網誌吸引來的。跟很多人一樣,我來之前也不知道 AppWorks 在幹嘛。多年前,在美國西岸目睹了 Facebook 的興起,也見證了經濟的衰退。回到台灣,雖知道自己的心中有個創業的種子,但在還沒發芽的階段,也樂當一個被外商銀行慣壞的小員工。因為職務的關係,我非常喜歡網路廣告,原本只是尋求一個可以發掘到更多創意的地方,卻意外挖到了 AppWorks 這個礦坑 。


Google 前執行長 Eric Schmidt 曾說:「如果太空梭提供妳一個座位,別問是哪個座位,只要跳上去就是了。」很顯然的,太空梭沒有給我座位,反倒是礦坑出現了一個很大的洞。毅然決然跳下去後,自覺有點斯德哥爾摩症候群 (in a good way)。但沒辦法… 看著創業者們燃燒生命,然後在旁邊喊燒的過程,仍是非常吸引人啊!