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Alyssa Chen
Alyssa Chen, Analyst
陳敬旻 分析師
Alyssa is an Analyst in charge of AppWorks Accelerator -- “helping startups build their own rockets” as she would put it. Originally from Taichung, the middle city of Taiwan, Alyssa ran business development and public relations at Huashan 1914, Taiwan’s pioneer in historic-site-based cultural creative park, before joining AppWorks. She has a passion for design and art while at the same time appreciates the tenacity of startup founders. She is a Master in International Communications and B.A. in German, both received from National Chengchi University. During college, Alyssa interned at AppWorks for a year. On her personal side, she likes to travel, prefers Asian cuisine and gotta have fresh flowers in her space.

負責 Accelerator,喜歡陪伴創業者打造出屬於自己的火箭。來自台中,加入前任職於華山文創園區,負責台灣新銳文創品牌的營運招商與媒體合作。除關注設計藝文議題,也喜愛網路新創產業的活力。曾於 AppWorks 實習一年。畢業於政大德文系、政大國際傳播所。喜歡旅遊與花草,最愛亞洲食物。

Annie Su
Annie Su, Analyst
蘇怜媛 分析師
Annie is an Analyst covering later-stage startups and public financial markets. She is as calm and rational as a vulcan on the outside but passionate about startups on the inside. The mission she gave herself is to bridge founders and capital. Prior to AppWorks, she was an Research Associate covering semiconductor industry at KGI Securities. She earned a B.B.A in Finance from National Taiwan University, where she was active in Creativity and Entrepreneurship Program and Design Thinking Club.

負責投資,表面上是個冷靜理性的金融人,但其實對創業有莫名的熱忱,立志成為台灣網路創業家與資本市場的橋樑。先前於凱基投顧擔任 Research Associate,主要負責產業研究和財務分析。台大財金系畢業,大學時期活躍於創意創業學程、不一樣思考社。

Chief Engineer
Bird Liang
Bird Liang, Chief Engineer
梁子凌 技術長兼工程輔導長
Bird is the Chief Engineer in charge of our technology strategies and deployment as well as advising startups on related matters. He is an original maker who joined us from a long career of wireless, imaging, cellphone, display panel and biometric products and technologies development at multinational electronics companies including NXP, Sony, Newport Imagining and Crossmatch. Before all that, he co-founded a startup and “made” his own first job. Bird gave up his cruise control career to join AppWorks in order to help more startup founders. He received his B.S. in Agricultural Machinery Engineering from National Taiwan University and his Master of Electronic and Computer Engineering from National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. He is passionate about “bird” watching -- not himself obviously, and playing pipe organs.

負責 AppWorks 技術策略與佈署,同時主導工程輔導。人生的第一份正職工作是創業,之後在外商圈電子業中闖蕩多年,經歷過 NXP、Sony、Newport Imagining、Crossmatch 等企業,從事無線通訊、影像系統、手機、面板、半導體、生物辨識等不同領域產品開發。熱愛學習新事物,協助團隊解決技術問題。放棄了幾近退休般的生活加入 AppWorks,為的是幫助更多在創業路上的人,並重新體驗創業的熱情。台大農機系、台科大電子所畢業,熱愛賞鳥、演奏管風琴,亦是不折不扣的熱血 Maker。

Brandon Chiang
Brandon Chiang, Associate
江旻峻 經理
Brandon is an Associate covering the Southeast Asia region. Prior to AppWorks, he was at the Foxconn Group helping with the development of online healthcare services. Before that, he worked at Taiwan Mobile on channels management, KPI management and business analysis for myfone Shopping, their e-commerce platform. He started his career at Min-Sheng Healthcare Group, helping with fundraising, hospital management and their IPO process. He received his B.S. in Mathematics and MBA, both from National Taiwan University.

負責東南亞區域投資。加入 AppWorks 前,在鴻海集團服務負責「互聯網+健康」相關服務之開發與推廣。鴻海之前,在台灣大哥大負責通路管理與 KPI 設定,後來參與 myfone 購物之經營分析管理。更早之前,敏盛集團負責連鎖醫院經營之事業規劃與募資,並參與盛弘醫藥之上市櫃流程。台大數學系、商研所畢業。喜歡籃球跟音樂,特別是讓人融化的 Smooth R&B。

Ching Tseng
Ching Tseng, Analyst
曾意晴 分析師
Ching is an Analyst specialized in trends among younger users. Though this is her first job, she did intern at PIAD, an advertisement production startup, as well as for a year and half at AppWorks during college. Ching earned her Bachelor of Business Administration from National Chengchi University. She is always trying new things and loves music and travel.

負責投資,專注在年輕用戶的新情境。學生時期曾在 AppWorks 實習一年半,也曾加入 PIAD 拍廣告,與兩位共同創辦人一起尋找商業模式,對於電商特別喜愛。畢業於政治大學企業管理學系,嚐鮮是最大的興趣,熱愛音樂及旅遊。

Head of AppWorks School
Enid Tian
Enid Tian, Head of AppWorks School
田育欣 之初學校校長
Enid is the Head of AppWorks School, where she helps young people acquire the necessary programming skills as well as computational thinking mindset to start a career in Internet. She joined AppWorks as an intern in 2011 and stayed on as Analyst after graduation. Enid received her B.A. in Finance from National Taiwan University, with “minors” in AIESEC and Latin-American Dancing Club. Besides dancing, she loves all the beautiful things life has to offer.

Team AppWorks 原生成員,2011 年起以實習身份加入,畢業後升格為投資分析師,而後轉任 AppWorks School。台大財金系畢,輔 AIESEC 與國標拉丁舞,熱愛舞蹈與所有美的事物。

Founding Partner
Jamie Lin
Jamie Lin, Founding Partner
林之晨 合夥人
Jamie started AppWorks in 2009 and has been a Partner since. He is on a mission to give the greater Southeast Asia region a big push so we stay on top in the increasingly digitalized and automated 21st-century world. Jamie gave up his green card and moved back from New York to pursue this mission. He is a founder all his career and loves helping younger founders. Jamie co-founded his first e-commerce startup, Hotcool, in 1999 and later on, Intumit, and Muse Games. He began coding and building his own computers since the age of 10. Jamie received his BS in Engineering from National Taiwan University and MBA from NYU Stern. His blog, MR JAMIE, has provided inspirations to millions of readers in the startup community since 2009.

2009 年放棄綠卡與美國生活,專程回台創辦 AppWorks,為了推動台灣產業升級,成為 21 世紀的數位經濟強國 。1999 年份網路創業老骨頭,曾先後在台北與紐約參與哈酷、碩網、Sosauce、Muse Games 等四家公司的創辦。中間也曾投身創投,在 All Asia Partners 與 HSS Ventures 等基金管理公司歷練。十歲開始寫程式,國中動手組裝電腦,高中時撥接上了 Internet,從此迷上這個窮人的原子彈。熱愛幫助 AppWorks 創業者思考策略、解決問題、認識好的合作夥伴。紐約大學史騰商學院企管碩士,台大化工學士輔修經濟。是台大男籃一員,籃球之外喜歡閱讀與思辨。

Finance & Accounting Master
Jasmine Tsai
Jasmine Tsai, Finance & Accounting Master
蔡金鳳 財會輔導長
Jasmine is a Master specializes in advising startups on finance and accounting. She and her team also takes care of their tax reporting and bookkeeping needs. Jasmine is especially good at making accounting rules easy to understand for startup founders. Before joining us, she served at Deloitte, World’s leading accounting firm, for years, where she built deep experiences in IPO advisory as well as structuring international businesses.

主導財務與會計輔導,擅長把艱澀的財會邏輯翻譯成白話文。帶領內建財會團隊提供 AppWorks Startups 專屬財會服務,協助他們用最經濟的成本,建立起正規財會體系與作業流程,滿足未來機構投資人的需求。加入前在 Deloitte 任職多年,有完整 IPO 輔導及兩岸三地投資規劃經驗。

Jessica Liu
Jessica Liu, Associate
劉侊縈 經理
Jessica is an Associate heading AppWorks Accelerator. She has over 7 years of experience in both Internet and financial industries. She started her career at Standard Chartered Bank, where she managed digital marketing for cross-selling strategies, which sparked her passion for Internet. She has since immersed herself in advertising technologies and the art of growth hacking. Jessica received her B.B.A from University of South California.

負責 Accelerator。3 年渣打銀行數位行銷和產品跨售經歷,讓 Jessica 燃起了對網路世界的熱情,對 RTB 廣告尤其關注。畢業於南加州大學 (USC) 商學系,談到美食和旅行時,眼睛會發亮。

Joseph Chan
Joseph Chan, Partner
詹德弘 合夥人
Joseph is a Partner who joined in 2013 and has since covered our “kitchen” -- portfolio management, operations and advising startups on finance and fundraising. He is also in charge of connecting the ecosystems between Japan and Taiwan. Prior to AppWorks, Joseph spent 11 years with the CID Group, a Greater China leading venture firm, where he helped raise US$575M across multiple funds and headed portfolio management. Prior to that, Joseph served as a Manager of Backbone Network at Gigamedia, a NASDAQ-listed broadband ISP. Joseph earned his Master in Agriculture Machinery Engineering from National Taiwan University. He is native in both Mandarin and Japanese.

加入 AppWorks 前,於 CID (華威國際) 服務長達 11 年,協助 CID 完成兩支基金共 5.75 億美金的募集,長期負責該集團共 14 支創投基金的投資人關係與營運管理,並帶領團隊完成 CID 自有基金管理系統的建置,曾評估過的創投案件超過 200 個。加入 CID 前,曾服務於台灣少數 Nasdaq 掛牌公司和信超媒體,擔任網路與系統部門主管。台大農機碩士,日語是母語。

Legal Master
Liying Wang
Liying Wang, Legal Master
王琍瑩 法務輔導長
Liying is a Master specialized in advising founders on all matters legal. She leads her law firm embedded in AppWorks with a strong commitment to serving startups as well as larger Internet companies. Before starting her firm, Liying practiced law for over ten years, including working as a senior counsel for global operations at HTC Corporation and serving on the technology law team at Formosa Transnational Attorneys-at-Law. She received her Master of Laws (LL.M.) with honors from Northwestern University School of Law and her Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) from National Chengchi University. Liying is admitted to both Taipei Bar and New York State Bar.

帶領內建法務團隊,提供企業經營、合約協商、紛爭處理等各方面法律諮詢,輔導建立營運管理機制,必要時也協助團隊尋求「突破框架」的解方。曾任 HTC 全球營運資深法務經理、萬國法律事務所科技法律部律師,也曾服務於士林地方法院、台北高等行政法院。美國西北大學法學碩士、政大法學士、政大 EMBA,具備美國紐約州與台灣律師執照。

Luna Huang
Luna Huang, Barista
黃丹玥 咖啡師
Luna is our Barista in charge of hand-crafting the best coffee and tea for all AppWorks founders to keep them productive. Besides javabeans, her other passions include food and colorful objects. Before joining AppWorks, Luna perfected her skills at cafes in Shanghai and Melbourne. She is also a skilled coffee bean roaster.

負責管理 AppWorks Cafe,提供全台北市最好喝的咖啡給大家。對咖啡、美食,及顏色相關事物異常迷戀,曾在上海及墨爾本的咖啡店工作,也曾幫生豆商烘焙熟豆樣品。踏遍喝盡台北和墨爾本的咖啡店,透過咖啡認識許多朋友。愛好有音樂、電影和插畫陪伴的生活。

Nice Cheng
Nice Cheng, Partner
程九如 合夥人
Nice is a Partner focusing on growth-stage startups and seasoned founders. He is a pioneer in starting up in Internet himself, co-founding, the Netflix before Netflix, in 1999 and ran the company all the way to profitability -- a very rare case during the dotcom boom. He served as Chief Strategy & Operating Officer at Yam, Taiwan’s then leading Internet portal, after it was acquired by Webs-TV. Nice serves as a Director of the Board at many Internet companies and is loved by many founders as a mentor. He graduated from Southeastern University but insists degrees are of no importance in the startup land.

台灣網路創業的先驅,於 1999 年創辦,是當年少數真正獲利的「達康」公司,也擔任過天空傳媒 Yam 策略長兼營運長,目前仍身兼多個網路公司的董事職位,是非常受創業者愛戴的網路創業導師。Nice 畢業於美國 Southeastern University,但是他說在網路創業的世界,學歷一點都不重要。

TP Lin
TP Lin, Associate
林子樸 經理
TP Lin is an Associate responsible for hardware related projects. Before joining AppWorks, he was an early member of Lextar, a leading LED manufacturer, where he acquired deep experiences in product development, product management, R&D management. He also witnessed while the company went from zero to IPO. He received his B.S. in Physics and Master of Photonics and Optoelectronics, both from National Taiwan University.

負責投資。七年光電產業經驗,為隆達電子創廠員工之一,見證公司成立、併購與上市,過程中經歷產品研發工程師、研發主管、專案管理等不同職務歷練。在 AppWorks 負責協助軟硬整合新創團隊,充分運用台灣與中國的硬體製造能力。台灣大學物理學士、光電碩士。

Chief Editor
Yvonne Wu
Yvonne Wu, Chief Editor
吳怡文 編輯長兼自媒體輔導長
Yvonne is the Chief Editor in charge of all AppWorks publications as well as advising startups on owned media strategies. Yvonne joined from Newegg Taiwan, where she served as a Chief Editor and helped to create more pleasant shopping experiences its customers. Before that, Yvonne was Editor at Global Views Commonwealth Publishing Group, where she helped readers enjoy the charm of the texts. Earlier, she was a Deputy Chief Editor at “HERE!”, a leading leisure activities periodical. Yvonne holds a Bachelor in Radio and Television degree from National Chengchi University. She has once lived in Japan for two years learning Japanese and figuring out what life is about. Yvonne believes in the power of words and loves to create those moments when they touch people’s hearts.

主導文字與編輯輔導。曾任 ⟪HERE! 台北情報共鳴誌⟫ 副總編輯,帶領團隊上山下海,報導永遠讓人開心的休閒資訊。而後進入天下文化,深入挖掘方塊字的魅力。 2014 年,轉往網路世界繼續挑戰自我,任新蛋全球生活網總編輯,努力讓消費者在優雅的氛圍中感受購物的愉悅。畢業於政大廣電,曾遊歷日本兩年,主修人生,副修日文。深信文字的力量,追求觸動人心的那一刻。

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