AppWorks + Flow

#漢文在下 Today AppWorks Accelerator is proud to announce our new collaboration with Flow. Since investing in Flow back in 2019, we have been closely working with the chain’s creators Dappers Labs—the very same team behind CryptoKitties and NBA Top Shot—and observing their methodical approach in pushing forward new applications on the Flow blockchain. Starting from gaming and entertainment, we see a strong ecosystem thriving with the support from Flow’s infrastructure, which includes over 300 projects in the pipeline and over 3,000 developers building on Flow’s Testnet.

While at the same time from AppWorks’ side, we see NFTs being the next frontier in the Blockchain space. As NFTs are still at a relatively early stage, startups have the advantage of being a disruptor vs. the big guys. We hope that as NFTs start to take off, all the best founders can gather at AppWorks, learn from each other, and become winners in the next 5-10 years.

To encourage founders to seize the growth opportunity in the next decade, AppWorks Accelerator is announcing our collaboration with Flow. This collaboration will focus on supporting founders and teams working with blockchain technology, in the Greater Southeast Asia region, that are ready to build the open world on Flow. 

With the resources from both AppWorks’ and Flow’s ecosystems, we want to ensure teams have all the support they need to build amazing products for consumer-scale adoption. We look forward to seeing more applications built in NFT, DeFi, and consumer products that people like to use in their everyday lives. 

Resources provided by Flow: 

  • Dedicated support from the Flow team regarding tech, marketing, community, and product
  • Office Hours sessions with the Flow team on a referral basis, facilitated by AppWorks
  • Access to Flow’s educational resources and valuable experiences shared by existing blockchain projects already live on Flow
  • Top projects in the accelerator may receive investment opportunities from some of our investor partners
  • Access to FLOW token credits to bring your application to Flow mainnet and bootstrap your initial user acquisition strategy

These founders are encouraged to apply:

  • Working on NFT and/or DeFi  
  • Blockchain developers 
  • Want to build and launch their product on Flow

With the support from:

  • Blocto by Portto, official digital wallet partnered with Flow (AW#19)
  • Forbole, validator (AW#18)
  • Animoca Brands, the global leader in branded blockchain gaming (AppWorks Portfolio)

Application timeline:

  • Applications are now open.
  • The first round of interviews will be via an online application.
  • Interview invitations and admission offers will be sent out on a rolling basis.
  • The full program will kick off in September 2021 and last through January 2022.

Apply Now to AppWorks Accelerator #23

今天,AppWorks Accelerator 隆重宣布新增 Flow 為平台夥伴。AppWorks 自從 2019 年投資 Flow 以來,就一直與 Flow 公鏈、同時也是 CryptoKitties 與 NBA Top Shot 開發團隊的 Dappers Labs 保持非常密切的合作,有計畫地持續推動建構在 Flow 公鏈上的各式 NFT 應用與生態系。從遊戲與娛樂起步,在基礎建設日趨成熟下,我們看到 Flow 正成為一個蓬勃發展的生態系,目前,共有超過 300 個開發案、超過 3,000 位開發者在 Flow 的測試網進行開發。

在這發展的過程中,從 AppWorks 的角度觀察,我們認為 NFT 是區塊鏈領域中下一個前沿應用。由於 NFT 仍處於相對早期的階段,和大企業相比,新創更具備顛覆者的優勢。AppWorks 希望隨著 NFT 發展起飛,可以把最優秀的創業者都聚集在 AppWorks Accelerator,彼此互相學習、激盪,一起在未來 5-10 年成為 NFT 浪潮下的贏家。

為了鼓勵創業者抓住 NFT 這個未來十年的重要典範轉移,AppWorks Accelerator 宣布與 Flow 合作。主要目的,是希望全力支持大東南亞地區 (東協 + 台灣) 運用區塊鏈技術的創業者與新創,一起在 Flow 上建構新的開放世界。

在 AppWorks 與 Flow 兩大生態系的合作下,我們希望確保有志打造傑出產品與服務、創造大規模應用的創業者與新創,都能得到所需要的協助。我們期待看到更多 NFT 或 DeFi 的創新商業模式被應用於日常生活中。 

Flow 提供的資源:

  • Flow 團隊在技術、行銷、社群和產品方面的專屬支持
  • 由 AppWorks 安排與 Flow 團隊的 Office Hours
  • 共享 Flow 的教育資源、以及其它 Flow 區塊鏈專案的寶貴經驗
  • 優秀的開發專案,有機會獲得 Flow 與其他夥伴的投資
  • 獲得 FLOW Token 贊助機會,將產品發佈於 Flow 主網,加速初期獲客


  • 致力開發 NFT 或 DeFi 相關應用
  • 區塊鏈開發者
  • 想要在 Flow 上佈建產品或服務

AppWorks 生態系共同支持:

  • Blocto (AW#19):與 Flow 合作的官方數位錢包 
  • Forbole (AW#18):區塊鏈驗證人
  • Animoca Brands (AppWorks 投資案):全球領先的區塊鏈遊戲商


  • 現已開放申請。
  • 第一輪申請通過,將以線上進行面談
  • 面談與錄取通知採先收先審制度 (Rolling-basis)
  • 本期加速器將自 2021 年 9 月開始,至 2022 年 1 月結束

現在就申請加入 AppWorks Accelerator #23