Introductions to the Startups Pitching on AppWorks Accelerator #25 + Wistron Accelerator #3 Demo Day

AppWorks’ highly anticipated Demo Day brings the best of both AppWorks Accelerator #25 and Wistron Accelerator #3.This particular demo day will feature 20 (15 + 5) startups, with 5 teams in the web3 space to give you a glimpse into the innovative application of blockchain technology and the decentralized future. At the same time, many teams from the AI / IoT field are utilizing frontier technologies to transform our business and life. Among these rising stars, we’ll also have international teams joining us from Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, Canada, France, and the US.

This past half year, AppWorks Accelerator recruited 31 teams across AW#25, of which 12 are focusing on web3 specifically, and 10 focusing on AI / IoT. There are 76 founders in total who span 15 different markets including Taiwan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Hong Kong, US, Canada, France, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan, etc., and more than one-third of which are serial entrepreneurs.

We’re also pleased to introduce Wistron Accelerator #3. Over the past year, AppWorks has been working with Wistron, one of the world’s leading ICT manufacturers, to identify and cultivate startups that can help the organization charter new avenues of growth over the next decade, whether that’s through technology partnerships or PoCs.

You can find a brief introduction to each pitching team and founder below:

AppWorks Accelerator #25

1. ARTOGO: Immersive digital experiences for art, culture, and communities in the metaverse

Howard Yang | [email protected] |

2. Seneca ESG: ESG workflow automation software for corporates and financial institutions

Jonathan Ha | [email protected] |

3. Fitscovery: Online marketplace for fitness activities

Michael Jiang | [email protected] |

4. Skilio: Skills-based hiring platform for Gen Zs

Felix Tan | [email protected] |

5. AI Guided: AI/IoT-based visual guiding system for the visually impaired and elderly

Florence Chan | [email protected] |

6. Cast LMS: Canva for e-learning

Agno Almario | [email protected] |

7. Bee Prepared: Software as a career coach

Carmen | [email protected] |

8. BintanGO: Financial solutions, productivity, and monetization tools for creators

Jason Lee | [email protected] |

9. Storeberry: Omni-channel retail SaaS solution

Cyrus So | [email protected] |

10. Dynacyte 動感細胞: Next-generation bioreactors to democratize biotechnology

Alan She | [email protected] |

11. Elite XP: GameFi platform for web2 and web3 games

Justin Wong | [email protected] |

12. Protoworld: Open metaverse for the next-gen creators

Ziii | [email protected] |

13. Hive Keychain: Non-custodial crypto wallet for gamers and content creators

Quentin Correa | [email protected] |

14. Niomon: Crypto wallet for web3 gamers

Jay Leung | [email protected] |

15. OlaWealth: Web3 trading intelligence app

Jason Chan | [email protected] |

Wistron Accelerator #3

1. QTCOMM 酷堤康: Solving tax issue in SEA

Tiffany Hsiao | [email protected] |

2. Cyclops AR: Mobile based AR/AIoT solution for the industrial workplace

Benny Siu 蕭子聰 | [email protected] |

3. Black solution Nanotech: Graphene nanocomposites for thermal dissipating and RF interference suppressing

Zach Wu 吳豐宇 | [email protected] |

4. Super Chain: Turn data into sales revenue by AI

Cat Yung | [email protected] |

5. R2C2: A robotic operating system for collaboration

San Wong | [email protected] |

If you are an investor or corporate representative and need more detailed information about the teams or want to connect with AppWorks Accelerator #25 or Wistron Accelerator #3 founders, please email us at [email protected] 

We welcome all web3 , AI / IoT, or Southeast Asia founders to join AppWorks Accelerator.

We welcome all AI, IoT, cloud, cybersecurity, EduTech, and MedTech founders to join Wistron Accelerator.