Introductions to the Startups Pitching on AppWorks Demo Day #23 & Wistron Demo Day #1

AppWorks’ highly anticipated Demo Day brings the best of both AppWorks Accelerator #23 and Wistron Accelerator #1.This particular demo day will feature 21 (16 + 5) startups, with many in the NFT / blockchain space to give you a glimpse into our digital future. Among these rising stars, we’ll also have international teams joining us from Singapore, the US, and Hong Kong.

This past half year, AppWorks Accelerator recruited 34 teams across AW#23, of which 8 are focusing on NFTs specifically, while 5 teams are focusing on DeFi / other blockchain solutions, 11 teams on Southeast Asia, and 14 teams on AI/IoT. It is one of the largest and  most diverse batches to-date, with 66 founders in total who span across 16 different nationalities. Over 20% of them are women and 45% of the founders are serial entrepreneurs. 

We’re also pleased to officially unveil the first batch of Wistron Accelerator. Over the past 6 months, AppWorks has been working with Wistron, one of the world’s leading ICT manufacturers, to identify and cultivate startups that can help the organization charter new avenues of growth over the next decade, whether that’s through technology partnerships or PoCs. 

You can find a brief introduction to each pitching team and founder below:

AppWorks Accelerator #23

1. Numbers

A decentralised photo network for creating community, value, and trust in digital media

Sherry Chung | [email protected] |

2. DeFITs

Institutional-grade investment strategies-as-a-service & licensed crypto hedge funds

Vins Lai | [email protected]  |


Jump rope fitness app

Pak Cheung | [email protected] |

4. Partipost

Crowd influencer marketing and commerce platform

Tony Jen | [email protected] |

5. Nuli

Asian female fitness app

Candice Wang | [email protected] |

6. GranDen

New mateverse social gaming app 

Dochin Lai | [email protected] | /

7. DimOrder

Point-of-Sale, eCommerce, delivery, financing, supply platform for restaurant 

Ben Wong | [email protected] |

8. Hooky Finance

One-click DeFi and crypto debit card

Reno Duh | [email protected] |

9. Voutyque

Immersive online marketplace platform for premium brands

Michael Liang | [email protected] |

10. Foptics

Technology enabled D2C eyewear brand

Raynald Zhang | [email protected] |

11. Cardbo

An AI-driven digital payment management tool

Ryan Hu | [email protected] | LINE ID: @cardbo

12. Toko

AI tutor for English speaking

Jennifer Liu | [email protected] |

13. Gather Stars

AI enhanced business communication

Jim Idle | [email protected] |

14. Dress As

Pinterest for fashion

Howard Chan | [email protected] |

15. AnyoneLab

A SaaS service empowering Asian creators to become entrepreneur 

Kate Tiao | [email protected] |

16. ĒSEN

One-stop family medicine platform for social elites

Wilson Tsou | [email protected] |

Wistron Accelerator #1

1. AuthMe

AI-driven anti-fraud identity solution

Andy Lee | [email protected] |

2. BeeInventor Limited

IoT solutions for Smart Construction

Harry Chan | [email protected] |

3. BSOS Tech

Liquidize Real-World Assets with Blockchain

Daniel Huang | [email protected] |

4. Poseidon Network

Hybrid Storage Cloud

Light Lin | [email protected] |

5. 3drens

3drens aims to provide smart mobility solutions with our vehicle intelligence platform

Oeo Yu | [email protected] |

If you are an investor or corporate representative and need more detailed information about the teams or want to connect with AppWorks Accelerator #23 or Wistron Accelerator #1 founders, please email us at [email protected].

【If you are a founder working on a startup in SEA, or working with AI, Blockchain, and NFT, apply to AppWorks Accelerator. to join the leading founder community in Greater Southeast Asia.】