Introductions to the Startups Pitching on AppWorks Demo Day #19

AppWorks Demo Day #19 將於今天 (11/26) 下午隆重登場,無法親臨現場的朋友,可以到 AppWorks Facebook Page 觀賞本次活動的實況轉播。

若你也想登上 AppWorks Demo Day 的千人大舞台,展現自己的產品與商業模式,AppWorks Accelerator 現正招收 AI / IoT 與 Blockchain 團隊,歡迎加入我們。

以下是將在 AppWorks Demo Day #19 出場的 18 支新創團隊簡介:

AppWorks Demo Day #19 will take place this afternoon. If you’re unable to physically attend the event, you can catch the Livestream on the AppWorks Facebook Page.

If you are an AI / IoT or Blockchain startup founder and also excited about the opportunity to pitch your product and business idea to over 1,000 people on the AppWorks Demo Day stage, join us by applying to AppWorks Accelerator. We look forward to receiving your application!

The following are brief introductions of the 18 startup teams at AppWorks Demo Day #19: 

1. Telepod

Urban mobility with a network of swappable battery kiosks.

Jin Ni Gan | |

2. Dent&Co

Medical AI chatbot.

Steve Chu | | LINE ID : @dentco

3. Mellow

Mobile finance solution for kids and parents.

Chester Szeen | |

4. Matters 

Shared Infrastructure for content creators on blockchain.

Annie Zhang | |

5. Beseye 雲守護

AI Video analysis platform for security cameras.

Shaq Tu | |

6. Blyng

Conversational AI chatbot for real estate.

Julien Priour | |


Integrating entertainment and Blockchain technology.

Jack Hsu | |

8. Fluv 毛小愛

Pet care platform for local sitters and pet parents.

Candace Chen | |

9. WeavAir

Smart sensor and predictive analytics that helps building owners and service providers save energy, improve indoor air quality & prevent equipment failure. 

Natalia Mykhaylova | |

10. portto

Make blockchain simple and accessible for everyone.

Hsuan Lee | | 

11. KaChick

An AI-powered platform that connects travelers with local photographers and experiences through business partnerships in Asia.

Peggy Cheung | |

12. Arical

AI real estate investment predictive analytics platform.

San Wong | |

13. Dapp Pocket

Crypto wallet app for Dapp lovers.

Anderson Chen | |

14. FourCons

One-stop solution for heavy equipment needs.

Felix Hartantio | |

15. Gigvvy Science

AI platform for science research publishing.

Lisa Hsu | |

16. OnMyGrad

AI career learning platform.

Anthony So | | 

17. SparkAmplify

AI-powered PR service.

Chien Lee | |

18. Whoopee Robot 

AIoT controller for robot arm in the service industry, like a turn-key robot arm solution for Cafe Shops.

Morris Lu | |