Introductions to the Startups Pitching on AppWorks Demo Day #25 Facing the Southeast Asia Market

In mid-December, we will host an in-person Demo Day in Taipei, Taiwan, featuring startups that are facing the Taiwan market. It would be great for the founders facing the Southeast Asia Market to showcase their product and team to the wider startup community from across the region and our network through a virtual Demo Day. 

This past half year, AppWorks Accelerator recruited 31 teams across AW#25, with 76 founders from 15 different home markets, including the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong, the United States, and so on—with 9 Taiwan-based teams. The batch included 10 female founders (13%) and 29 serial founders (38%). 39% of the batch’s founders are building projects in the web3 space. 

This particular demo day will feature 23 startups to give you a glimpse into our digital future, with 8 teams working on web3 solutions and 15 teams focusing on AI and SEA.

AppWorks Demo Day #25 will kick off on YouTube at 11 AM (GMT+8) on December 13th. To facilitate better connections with the founders, we’ll organize 1-1 meetings with the founders dedicated to investors and corporate representatives with a 2-week campaign.

You can find a brief introduction to each pitching team and founder below:

1. AI-powered omni-channel contact centers for cross-border businesses in Southeast Asia and the United States 

Xuchen Yao | [email protected] |

2. KPay: Payment gateway and SaaS solution for SMEs

Davis Chan | [email protected] |

3. Quest: Alternate income platform for GenZs

Evan Chow | [email protected] |

4. CRUST Group: Sustainable upcycled beverages

Travin Singh | [email protected] |

5. Cast LMS: Canva for e-learning

Agno Almario | [email protected] |

6. Seneca ESG: ESG workflow automation software for corporates and financial institutions

Jonathan Ha | [email protected] |

7. ARTOGO: Immersive digital experiences for art, culture, and communities in the metaverse

Walt Chuang | [email protected] |

8. YesHello: Team inbox for WhatsApp

Carliff Rizal | [email protected] |

9. AI Guided: AI/IoT-based visual guiding system for the visually impaired and elderly

Florence Chan | [email protected] |

10. Fitscovery: Online marketplace for fitness activities

Michael Jiang | [email protected] |

11. Skilio: Skills-based hiring platform for Gen Zs

Felix Tan | [email protected] |

12. Dynacyte Biosciences: Next-generation bioreactors to democratize biotechnology

Alan She | [email protected] |

13. BintanGO: Financial solutions, productivity, and monetization tools for creators

Jason Lee | [email protected] |

14. Bee Prepared: Software as a career coach

Carmen Wong | [email protected] |

15. CARFUL: Airbnb for car sharing

Ken Li | [email protected] |

16. Hive Keychain: Non-custodial crypto wallet for gamers and content creators

Quentin Correa | [email protected] |

17. Civic media platform for web3

Henry Oh | [email protected] |

18. Elite XP: GameFi platform for web2 and web3 games

Justin Wong | [email protected] |

19. PaxWallet: Virtual crypto card for daily life

Temerlan | [email protected] |

20. OlaWealth: Web3 trading intelligence app

Jason Chan | [email protected] |

21. Protoworld: Open metaverse for the next-gen creators

Ziii Kuo | [email protected] |

22. Nimbl: Web3 video-sharing social network

Adilkhan Rashit | [email protected] |

23. Niomon: Crypto wallet for web3 gamers

Jay Leung | [email protected] |

If you are an investor or corporate representative and need more detailed information about the teams or want to connect with AW#25 founders, please email us at [email protected].

We welcome all web3, AI / IoT, or Southeast Asia founders to join AppWorks Accelerator.