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AppWorks Accelerator today held its 26th demo day, unveiling 14 startups targeting Southeast Asia markets and innovative web3 models. The event was held in tandem with Wistron Demo Day #4, which featured five startups in the AI and IoT spaces. AppWorks Accelerator #26 (AW#26) demo day featured a total of 14 teams on stage, with 10 from Southeast Asia, reflecting AppWorks commitment to the region. As a batch, AW#26 founders hail from 15 different countries, including Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia—with 37% of which being serial entrepreneurs. The batch included companies innovating in the fields of AI, education, healthcare, IoT, logistics, and web3, among others. … read more

廣受各界期待、由 AppWorks (之初加速器) 主辦的 AppWorks Demo Day #25 + Wistron Demo Day #3,隨著台灣疫情趨緩、逐步解封、國門漸開之際,在今日 (12/15) 於台北登場,有 15 支來自 AppWorks Accelerator #25、5 支來自 Wistron Accelerator #3,共 20 支台灣及國際新創團隊輪番登場,展現過去 3 個多月的加速成果。 過往 12 年半來,每年舉辦兩次的 AppWorks Demo Day,是大東南亞 (東協 + 台灣) 新創圈的盛事之一。舉辦的主要目的,在於為每屆的 AppWorks Accelerator / Wistron Accelerator 團隊提供舞台,並促進新創社群的國際交流、投資、商務媒合,以及創造更多的可能性。AppWorks Demo Day #25 採取線下線上混合模式,讓不管是台灣或國際新創,能持續面向目標市場,呈現他們的產品、商業模式以及創業成果。除了今日登場的台灣實體版本,主要展示目標台灣市場的新創,AppWorks 另外在兩天前,已發佈國際線上版本,展示以國際市場為目標的新創。 本次 Demo Day 實體版為邀請制,超過 300 位來自創投、企業領袖、企業創投、成功新創、媒體代表蒞臨,與處在創新最前緣的創業者進行第一手交流,持續為大東南亞地區的創業生態系挹注能量、創造蓬勃發展。  AppWorks 自 2010 年啟動第一屆創業加速器以來,就持續積極與各方合作,累積更大的影響力,為創業者打造最佳的協助平台。AppWorks 董事長暨合夥人林之晨指出:「儘管今年以來資本進入緊縮循環,AppWorks 仍持續看好 ABS (AI / Blockchain / Southeast Asia) 三大典範轉移的長期顛覆,以及因此帶來的創業機會。以區塊鏈為例,近期許多交易所、儲蓄平台與對沖基金,因管理不當、人謀不臧而破產倒閉,但真正去中心化的 DeFi 等服務仍持續成長,足以證明長期板塊位移的巨大力量。優秀創業者抓住大勢,持續為世界帶來效率革新、賦能弱勢與企業治理的新模式,因此,與新創合作完全符合大企業推進 ESG 的目的,我預期下一階段將有更多企業投入。」 AppWorks 董事長暨合夥人林之晨 AppWorks Accelerator #25 共 15 支團隊登場 從加入 AppWorks Accelerator #25 的新創團隊身上,可看出 AppWorks Accelerator 持續吸引越來越多國際優秀創業團隊參加,繼續引領大東南亞地區創業生態前進。今年 9 月開始加速的 AppWorks Accelerator #25,共招募 31 支新創,其中包括 12 支 Web3 新創、10 支 AI / IoT 新創、以及 9 支新創深耕東南亞的數位經濟。這些新創由 76 位創業者組成,分別來自 15 … read more

AppWorks’ highly anticipated Demo Day brings the best of both AppWorks Accelerator #25 and Wistron Accelerator #3.This particular demo day will feature 20 (15 + 5) startups, with 5 teams in the web3 space to give you a glimpse into the innovative application of blockchain technology and the decentralized future. At the same time, many teams from the AI / IoT field are utilizing frontier technologies to transform our business and life. Among these rising stars, we’ll also have international teams joining us from Hong Kong, Singapore, the Philippines, Canada, France, and the US. This past half year, AppWorks Accelerator recruited 31 teams across AW#25, of which 12 are focusing … read more

TAIPEI, TAIWAN—On December 13, 2022, AppWorks Accelerator held  its online version of its 25th demo day, in parallel with a physical demo day taking place in Taipei, Taiwan on the 15th, unveiling 23 global startups operating across the frontiers of web3, AI/IoT projects, and Southeast Asia-focused startups. As one of Greater Southeast Asia’s longest-running independent accelerator programs, AppWorks Accelerator brings together founders building innovative businesses for Taiwan’s digital renaissance, the global web3 revolution, and Southeast Asia’s emerging digital economy. The demo day connects founders with local, regional, and global investors, as well as support founders connecting with talent, potential business partners, and the media. The event was broadcasted across the … read more

In mid-December, we will host an in-person Demo Day in Taipei, Taiwan, featuring startups that are facing the Taiwan market. It would be great for the founders facing the Southeast Asia Market to showcase their product and team to the wider startup community from across the region and our network through a virtual Demo Day.  This past half year, AppWorks Accelerator recruited 31 teams across AW#25, with 76 founders from 15 different home markets, including the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Kazakhstan, Hong Kong, the United States, and so on—with 9 Taiwan-based teams. The batch included 10 female founders (13%) and 29 serial founders (38%). 39% of the batch’s founders are … read more