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AppWorks Network


A Community to Help Solve Problems, Cross-Promote, and Connect with Investors & Business Partners

Once you join AppWorks, you are immediately connected to our extraordinary alumni network of over a thousand founders. Within the AppWorks Ecosystem, you’ll have the opportunity to meet talented alumni founders including:

Together, you’ll find the community extremely powerful when:

  • You run into problems and need advice from those who have done similar things
  • You need help with product promotions
  • You want to check references on an investor or a potential business partner
  • You need an intro to someone
  • You want to engage with the AI, blockchain, and regional communities to find support

In terms of size, AppWorks is one of the largest communities of its kind in Asia. But more importantly, our culture of “paying-it-forward” and helping each other out is the real reason why it’s so valuable.

AppWorks is a startup for startups. Young, energetic, flexible, efficient and “customer” centric, prioritizing startups’ needs before anything else. One thing unlike a startup, however, is the resourcefulness of AppWorks. Strong alumni, full team of masters in various aspects, space and hardware, referral network, support on paperwork and even free lunch. Service level is so high, sometimes it feels surreal.

Kin Ko, founder of AW#18 LikeCoin

Your Mentors =

Successful Founders

AppWorks provides incredibly supportive mentorship to startup founders. All their partners and staff maintain tight-knit relations with founders that went through the accelerator program and can provide advice and guidance specific to the problems (e.g. finance, HR, PR, fundraising) faced by startups.

Kevin Chan, co-founder of AW#11 TaxiGo (acquired by LINE and is now known as LINE TAXI)

Connect with the Right Coach, Acquire the Right Mindset, Become the Best Founder You Can Be

Steven Ho, Founder of 91APP, that just had a hugely successful IPO in addition to successfully exiting previous startups to eBay and Yahoo!; Ming Chen, Founder of KKday who successfully completed 2 IPO and 1 M&A exits; Jerry Kuo of Kuo Brothers (創業家兄弟) who sold his company to Groupon and later built 2 companies from the ground up to IPO; together with Mike Jiang of GameSofa, Joseph Phua of 17LIVE, Siu Rui Quek of Carousell, Leontinus Edison of Tokopedia, Mik Naayem of Dapper Labs / Flow, as well as 80 other successful startup founders are all AppWorks Mentors that you can connect and build a lifelong coaching relationship with.

We’ll Help With Your Next

Fundraising Round

Joining the AppWorks Accelerator was a pivotal decision for Docosan. Through the program we connected with other founders of companies further along than us who gave great advice and guidance. We received technical help in improving our marketing. And of course, the mutual understanding of how both Docosan and AppWorks operate gained during the accelerator led to them leading our Seed Round. AppWorks are value-add investors who are actual partners in problem solving and use their accelerator and network to truly help rising founders.

Beth Ann Lopez, founder & CEO of Docosan (AW#21)

Terms, Structures, and Syndicate, Tailored to Your Needs

Venture capital is a sophisticated and complex ecosystem filled with firms specializing in different segments for various startup stages. It is also brimming with a slew of complicated terms and game rules. First-time founders often find the learning curve difficult to overcome and getting to the right investors a daunting task. That is why AppWorks is also a VC firm ourselves so we can better help you on the fundraising end. Founders who enter our accelerator are encouraged to talk to us about their capital needs at any time, either during or after their accelerator experience. We’re always open for a chat. After all, who knows our startups better than us? On top of that, we can often act as the bridge between our startups and the venture capital community by leading financing rounds and putting together a syndicate tailored to your needs.

Accelerator Details


A Spacious Space
2,200 Square Meters / 665 坪
Always Open
Lots of Meeting Rooms
You'll always find one
AppWorks Lounge
A dedicated space for your next event or a place to eat / hang out
AppWorks Cafe
All-day hand-crafted Italian coffee made with love from our baristas
Great Location
In the heart of Taipei and only a heartbeat away from every scene
Superb Productivity
Top-speed Wi-Fi/Printers/Fax


Demo Day
Pitch to hundreds of investors, potential partners, and media from across the region
Mentor Day
Gain feedback from 80+ AppWorks Mentors from both Taiwan and Southeast Asia
Office Hours
1-on-1 with Mentors, AppWorks Partners and Masters
Fireside Chats
Learn from the experiences and tactics of successful founders
Monthly Reviews
Peer updates & feedback sessions
Specialist Workshops
Acquire fundamental skills in finance, accounting, legal, recruiting, & PR from our team of masters
Alumni Meet & Greets
Thematic meetups to help you engage with AppWorks Alumni
Recruiting Events
Connecting with top engineering talent
Landing Pod
Explore the Taiwanese market via site visits and sharings from local champions

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AW#25 Accelerator Timeline

AppWorks Accelerator #24 application period has ended.
AppWorks Accelerator #25 will be open for submissions in April 2022.
If you want to get a notice of when we start taking applications, please leave your contact information here:
AW#25 Applications Open
Apr 2022
AW#25 First Round Closes
Jun 2022
AW#25 Final Round Closes
July 2022
AW#25 Official Kick-off
Sep 2022

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