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AppWorks Accelerator

Alumni Network in Asia


Help Solve Problems, Cross-Promote, Connect Investors & Business Partners

Once you join AppWorks, you are immediately connected to our 720 founders strong alumni network. When you run into problems, need advices from people who had done similar things, when you need help with product promotions, want to check references on an investor or a potential business partner, or when you need an intro to someone, you will find the AppWorks Network extremely powerful. By the number, it is the largest of its kind in Asia. But more importantly, our culture of helping each other out is the real reason why it is so valuable.

The AppWorks Network is really powerful. Within days of joining the Accelerator, I was already connected to all the e-commerce platforms I could work with. It would have taken me months if I were to do it alone.


Your Mentors =

Successful Founders

With the help of AppWorks, we successfully raised from Steven Ho (何英圻), one of Asia’s most successful e-commerce startup founders, in our seed round. The ability to learn from his decades long of experience in online retail and in managing growing companies really shaped my development as a founder / CEO.


Connect with the Right Coach, Acquire the Right Mindset, Become the Best Founder You Can Be

Steven Ho, Founder of 91APP whose previous startups were successfully exited to eBay and Yahoo!; Ming Chen, Founder of KKday who had 2 IPO and 1 M&A exits; Jerry Kuo of Kuo Brothers (創業家兄弟), Ben Tseng of Net Publishing (隆中網絡), Jamy Lin of i-Part (尚凡國際), each of whose companies successfully went public; as well as Mike Jiang of GameSofa, Sega Chen of, Vincent Hsieh of FashionGuide and 40+ other successful startup founders, are all AppWorks Mentors that you can connect to and build a lifelong coaching relationship with.

Your Next Foundraising

Round, Led by AppWorks

With AppWorks leading the way, we completed 4 rounds of fundraising of US$ 14.4 million, from reputable investors such as Ikyu, CID Group, I-Mei, Steven Ho’s NineYi Capital and Clayton Christensen’s Disruptive Innovation Fund.


Terms, Structures and Syndicate, Tailored to Your Needs

Venture capital is an extremely sophisticated ecosystem with lots of firms specializing in different segments and stages as well as a slew of complicated terms and game rules. First-time founders often find the learning curve difficult to overcome and getting to the right investors a daunting task. To help our startups solve this problem, AppWorks decided to become a venture capital firm ourselves.  We currently manage 2 funds at US$ 61 million and are always ready to put the money to work in our startups. After all, who knows our startups better than ourselves? On top of that, we can often act as the bridge between our startups and the venture capital community, by leading the rounds and putting together a syndicate tailored to your needs.

More Details


A Spacious Space
1,150 Square Meters / 350 坪
Always Open
Lots of Meeting Rooms
We built 11 of them so one is always available for you
AppWorks Open Space
A dedicated space for your next events
AppWorks Cafe
All-day hand-crafted Italian coffee by our barista
Great Location
At heart of Taipei, a heartbeat away from every scene
Superb Connectivity
Top-Speed WiFi / Printer / Fax


Weekly Demo
Monday morning updates & feedbacks session
Training Tuesday
Workshops on core digital skills
Speaker Series
Be enlightened by a successful founder's story every Wednesday
Happy Hour
Soothing Friday evening with the community, beer and finger foods provided
Office Hours
1-on-1 with AppWorks Partners and Mentors
Meet alumni founders and hear their stories
By AWS, Google, Facebook and other accelerator partners
Mentor Day
Pitch to AppWorks Mentors to earn them over
Demo Day
Pitch to 1,000+ investors, potential partners and media

Application Timeline

1st Round
Now - May-8, 2017 11:59pm (Taipei Time)
2nd Round
May-9 to Jun-12, 2017 11:59pm (Taipei Time)
Interview Invitations & Admissions Offers
Sent out on a rolling basis
AppWorks #15 Official Kick-off
Jul-28, 2017